Maus: A Survivor's Tale, Moderation and Tamil Historical novels
  • Dear All

    A very good book on the Polish Plight is MILA 18 by Leon Uris
    Satish ! its a good point about Govt taking over all religious instituitions...Mt own feelings are some groups as Malathi rightly said fund and look after their religious instituitions...some dont
    secondly there is are divisions amongst us that doesnt come out in a unified voice!
    In UK a lot of churches are run down and are taken over by local councils and are sold many of them are community halls...pubs...nightclubs and mosques!!! where as the synangogues, Temples, Gurudhwaras and Mosques are growing from strength to strength
    I totally agree with VJ lets have constructive input and not statements which are unwarranted and strong!! there are other places for such things...
    Though I agree SPS's concept of not allowing the individual mails I for one will miss out as I prefer to go through my mails at my pace....the website becomes a chore...
    However I like the idea of the disclaimer idea...THIRU can we add that to the Home Page please sir!
    I personally think that in the last few years there have been regular and good quality historical novels coming out...Lets face it even doyens like Kalki,Sandilyan and Akilan penned only a few....(not counting the numerous ranimuthu's from sandilyan)
    We have three accomplished authors in our own group
    kind Regards
  • Dear SPS
    Writer Gokulai maranthuteengale!!Rajakesari,Paisasam,Cherarkottai!
    I believe in equality so the Moderator Sri shouldnt get the special privilage over member Sri! but if that was a consensus I am happy to go with that...
    Kailasam Sir!
    We would love to read your books You can probably publish them in the web as a blog or in
    Kind Regards
  • That is what I said Dear Sridhar.

    I put Golul's name in the Writer list ..
    while editing got deleted.
    After sending I realised it and re-edited ..
    PUT GOKUL NAME AGAIN... and deleted my earlier posting immediately.

    But the earlier mail is with you !!

    Likewise in one of my earlier mails also some one pointed out a mistake... but it was already deleted and redone..

    regards/ sps
  • Dear Friends,

    This is Muruganantham after a long time...

    I feel really humble and modest by all our group members wishes especially of Venkatesh (Anusha Venkatesh), KNS,  SPS, Swetha, Satish, Diwakar B, VJ, Madan, Sivaram Kannan, Chandra, Uma, Suganya, Gokul, Sri, Rajni Ramki, Natarajan, VK, Malathi  and am sure the list will go on and on.... (sorry for the dear ones whom I have missed out though not intentional)

    Just now, I have collected Hard Copy of the Book from Vikatan.

    All the credit should go to Venkatesh. Please feel free to send in your comments after reading the book.

    Mikka Anbudan


  • - Very nice to hear from you dear Muruganandam.

    His book on Feroz Gandhi is unique.

    And now on Kushwant Singh !!

    Congrats and very best wishes,

  • Dear Sir, best of luck on the new book, would very much like to read your book on Feroze Gandhi also.

    Please forgive my ignorance but do you write in English or Tamil?

    Kind Regards

  • As SPS used to say, request please drop "Sir".

    Both the books are written in Tamil. BTW, two more script are ready (Gandhiyai sutta pin and Uppu Thirudar - on Gandhi's assassination and Dandi march respectively).

    Hunting for the next topic.

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