Thisaigal Issue carries an article about our trip
  • Anbu Nanbargale,

    This November's Thisaigal Issue carries my article "Aayiram
    Varushathup Punnagai" which covers the Pullamangai trip of PS group
    with Dr.Kalaikkovan. Our thanks go with Thisaigal's editor Maalan for
    this opportunity.

    Though it was already posted in PS group long back, I'm sure you'd
    like to read it again.

    Maalan has given a very good introduction for the article in his
    editorial. Do read that as well.

    Another interesting thing to note is that Mr.Devamani Raphel - author
    of Thamizhnattuk Kalaikkovilgal book and a good friend of our group
    is going to write in thisaigal regularly - from next year. So, do see
    thisaigal every month!

    Mikka anbudan
  • Sooooppppppperb coverage!

    You have mixed, Gokul!

    ("kalakkitteenga"nu solla vandhane).

    You have covered almost everything...will definitely
    as an excellent record of the places. This is not
    just simply a travelogue.

    And I *have to* mention this...

    It is very thinking of have not mentioned
    "we" or "I" anywhere, everywhere it is "we as
    ponniyinselvan eGroup". Good team spirit. And

  • Friends,

    I have gone through November 2003 "Thisaigal" coverage of Temple
    visit. I'm basically from Mayiladuthurai and having interest of
    visiting no. of temples in our surrounding area. There are almost
    71 famous temples around Mayiladuthurai & Kumbakonam area including
    Navagraha temples. Till now, i couldn't complete even 30 temples. I
    also want to join with Ponniyinselvan team for making such a
    historical trip. Anybody can help me?

    anbudan, J. Rajni Ramki
  • HI,

    URL not working. can you check that..?

  • Sorry...... all those because of "pulli raaja"...there was a dot
    after the URL...

    Try this now:

  • Hi Ramanth

    The url should be:

    Engal Annan, Thanga Kambi, Thaanaith Thalaivar Thiru Krupa avargal, has added a "." at the end of the url, which made u not able to access it. Ellam, unga interest-ai test panra nokkudan dhan. Try again now.

    Krupa, ungalai naan vambukku ezhukkave illa.

    Regds / Suji
  • Hi Sujatha,

    This was a nice mail.

    Can i know little bit more abt krupa..? who is that.. is he the moderator..?

    After writting that mail. I went to the group and went through the database read abt the

    Hi All, Keep this group active with some stuff related to the ponniyin selvan ..


    M. Ramanath
  • hi guys,

    i am prasadh from USA. i ordered PS through '' and
    happen to complete reading all the 5 parts recently, needless to say
    amazing historical story by kalki.

    Though i was not so convinced by the way the story ended as most of
    us feel, i think the author has given enough input to take us back to
    the story period. mandhagini was portrayed as a great character and
    got great affection for sundara chola but still i did not understand
    how does she got together with veerapandiyan and gave birth to two
    child, that part was not explained properly i feel.

    Guys, is there any other historical books like PS you would suggest
    me to read. I have read yavana rani, kadal pura and raja mudrai by

    Good Work, Keep Going..

  • >
    > Guys, is there any other historical books like PS you would suggest
    > me to read. I have read yavana rani, kadal pura and raja mudrai by
    > sandilyan.

    Historical novels by Kalki, Sandilyan, Akilan and other historic novel
    writers are listed in our database section.

    But I am not sure whether they will satisfy ur "PS like Novels"
    expectation :)

  • Dear Gokul,

    Pullamangai article was exceelent. I thank you so much for taking
    lot of pains in making this possible.

    Our friends need to see the Tanjore Big Temple Chola paintings also.

    Every detail in the Painting will form base for a thesis to get

    I read almost all the messages I missed for the past 2 months.

    Lighter mails are flowing on Vandhiyathevan - Kundavai - Pazhayarai
    etc. Nice to be among this youthful group again.

    Incidentally, I have material which will be posted shortly in this

    Nandhipuram is NOT the one now known as Nathankoil near Pazhaayarai -
    near Patteeswaram !

    Nandhipuram is really in AATHURKOTTAM near Thiruvayaru (near
    Thanjavur) now known as THIRUKKANDIYUR ! Here lived Sundara Cholan
    and Vannavanmadevi and died in the PONVEYNDHA Aranmanai! Not in
    Kanchi !! Their PALLIPPADAIs are known as Rettai (Double Temples)
    Koil - existing even today! A prominent Centre of Laguleesam! And
    the Brahma in the near-by Verrattanam temple is not the three headed
    Brahma, but four headed Siva himself.

    So, VANDHIYATHEVAN & KUNDAVAI AVARKALE, you were seen boating
    together near Thiruvaiyaru and really not near Pazhayarai !

    Expecting mails from Punkuahali, Adithakarikalan & co.,,

    Have been missing Dr.Jaybee, Sreedhar & all .. Thank God, we are back.

    Fondly, SB
  • Dear Mr SB
    Thats a very interesting revelation Do you mean Kandiyur between Thiruvaiyaru and Thanjavur.....

    But I have to the temple and I remember the standard lotus and suvadis in the hands ofthe deity though it was a long time ago when I was in 8th Std so may be I am mistaken

  • How Nice Doc,

    It is almost like online chatting!

    Kudavoil has written exclusively on this."Nandhipuram" is the title.
    Shall post details within a day or two. It seems Cambridge
    University has also accpted this hypothesis !!

    Kaasi (Varanasi) is reportedly having 1 lac sivalingams. Pallavas
    tried AAyiram Katralis ( thousand sivalingams) At the insistance of
    Dr. Nagaswamy, Kudavoil has conducted research on this also and found
    that such temple existed near Pazhamarneri ( about 8 KMs west of
    Thirukkandiyur)! About 50 years back, when there was a flood, so
    many lingams were used as barriers to arrest flood waters !!

    According to Kudavoil, that was the real Kallanai and not the one
    (which is reportedly built by Nayaks! - as per Dr. Kalaikkovan.) near

    I will post the details shortly.

    Regards, SB

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