• Dear members,

    can u help me to get a ecopy of CHOZHA NILA by Mu. Metha?

    I searched a lot for this book, but couldnt get. pls tell me

    where I can get this novel.
  • Please try in anyindian.com

    I remember to have seen this book listed there. Alternately, you can try newbooklands.com or udumalai.com

    But my suggestion is, call the contact number and confirm the availability.Sometimes, though the book is listed, they say it is out of print. 
  • Dear Bhuvan
    If you find it can you let me ave the details of where you got them
    Another one I am after is Kanchi Kadiravan
  • I have 2 copies...

    [I did find some of his logic unacceptable, AND heard much about how actually the book was selected to win that award...]
    from Ellaar See ( L R C )
  • Dear friend,

    do u hv copies of Chozha nila? if s, can u send me an ecopy? pls...

    thanks for the info.
  • e book...?

    from Ellaar See ( L R C )
  • yes sir, an e book. do u hv it?

    By the way, Vishwaksenan sir told u r his friend and u had met him 2 weeks ago and ur going to come here this month it seems.

    very happy to know that. my best wishes for all ur endeavours, may god bless u with all that u long for.
  • A friend of mine is going to India chennai coming saturday the the 21st. I dont seem to know your email address. pl email me at chtsree@yahoo.co.in and send house line and cell number particulars, and i will give him the book to pass/ courier to you..
    Mr Vishvak Senan mails me regularly..
    Ellaar See ( L R C )
  • Hi
    thats the great advantage of networking in this group

    its very unfortunate many tamil novels of 70s and 80s are out of

    many of us may have those copies that others are desperately seeking.

    moderators can we put our heads together and have a seperate section
    in files or elsewhere on REQUESTS FOR SHARING BOOKS

  • Dear sir,

    please do that first. its very hard for many of us to get those books.

    please take this is as a humble request from group members.
  • I have already passed the book to my colleague who is arriving at chennai this coming saturday.
    Those who want it please get in touch with me.
    from Ellaar See ( L R C )
    No trees were killed in the sending of this message.
    However a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
    [ NO relation to the string theory OR the UNIFIED theory of nearly everything ]
  • Hi am anew member of this group.I findthe discussions v. interesting.As
    Venkatesh says lot of books from70's and 80's are out of print.ICould
    somebody tell me the name of the social novel written by Sandilyan--it was
    serialised in Kumudam in the late 60's.Also i remember reading ahistorical
    novel in Kumudam set in the British era;I think the writer was Mohini and
    the hero wascalled Kanchipurathan--this too was in the late 60's.
  • Hi

    glad this movement is picking up.

    i request members who have copies of old historical novels which they
    consider rare and willing to share to list them here.
  • Sandilyan's social novel was called Senbaga thottam. I am not a fan
    of his writing but I remember that since he did not write many
    social. No idea about the other one but can try to recall.
  • Dear sir,
       I have some printed copies of some of the historical novels of Saandilyan. How can it be shared?


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