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  • Problem: Our forum is becoming like google ( :-) ), I wanted to search
    on some data related to KIII (and his siblings) and I am seeing tons
    of threads. Like Google - unless I know what exactly I am looking for
    it is difficult to search.

    Solution: I am looking for suggestions to do these searches, may be
    thiru can index using the concept of the threads ?

    Any ideas ?
  • Hi,
    Oh wow. Me too doing a search on KIII and siblings. Is there anyway I can
    get them? I assume it is Kulothunga III? (and not someone else?)
    BTW - one source says K III had one elder brother called Gnana Raja Sekaran,
    and that he turned to religion at a very early age. Sps might recognize
    which source it is :)
  • Ravi,

    Sorry, I don't understand. You are trying to search but you are
    getting lot of them and would like to filter. I am afraid I don't
    know how to do that unless you find right keyword and time frame.

    For eg., you can try searching only in site by doing
    site:ponniyinselvan.in and click on advanced search and provide more
    details, like past month, year, etc., Other than that, I don't think
    google can provide any filter.

    Did you try searaching @ ponniyinselvan.in ? It is not that
    sophisticated like google, but you may get what you want by threads.

    If you have any specifics, please send it to me, I will see what I can do.
  • Should we do some cleanup work to delete all messages without any
    archival value?

    Pl suggest
  • Sorry, what I meant to say was:

    Should we delete all those messages which do not have any archival value?
  • I tried and suggested in a different way. Go through the messages
    posted on a weekly basis, extract the content, create a nice article.
    No volunteers. If we get rid of messages which do not have any
    archival value, we can achieve the other one, probably this might be
    easier to start with.

    This is very subjective, so we need to come up with focus team to fom
    the guidelines and follow it. It wouldn't take more than an hour per

    I am not talking about existing messages, that should be done, but to
    start with, we can atleast do this for new messages for coming weeks.

    Please advise.
  • Deleting threads are not a good option, the threads are all valuable
    information. Be it history or socio-economic issues or even sarcasm :-
    ). Each one's view is its weight in gold. O

    I will also do some research and see if we can classify data in an
    orderly fashion on the ps.net site.
  • Dear Member
               Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple in Pallavarayan Pettai(6 kms frin Myladuthurai) has 26 inscriptions.and Sankara Chozhan Ula mention Kulothungan III and his elder brother. His name was mentioned as Nallaman who became a scholar of many languages, turned to religion, did not want to become king. His younger brother, Kumara Maheedharan was named as KulothunganIII and came to throne in 1178AD( By N.Sethuraman, Raman & Raman P.Ltd. Kumbakonam).
               Kulothungan III's Tirubhuvanam Temple has also many inscriptions and tells about his coronation,victories etc.,
               Kulothunga III's statue is at Tiruvalangadu Temple, and he is also named as 'Sivapathasekaran'.
               'Kulothunga Chozha Kovai' tells all deeds of Kulothunga III which was first published in 1920 in Madurai. (N.Sethuraman made a research on Kulothunga III and published a book in 1989).
  • Hi

    I am also doing some studies , i will share some information as I get
    going into it.

    For me, of all the great Chola's of the 2nd phase, vijayalayan and K-
    III are extremely intriguing.
  • Hi

    This is a very interesting piece of information.

    I have read that K-III's parents are not of direct lineage to the
    Chola Dynasty.

    You had mentioned about Raman & Raman etc, did they write any book ?
    I was not clear from your note, please explain.
  • Dear Ravi,
                Kulothungan I - 1070 - 1122
                Vikrama Cholan - 1118 - 1135
                Kulothungan II - 1135 - 1150 -- son Rajarajan II - sons 1. Nallaman 2. Kumara Maheedharan
                                      Rajarajan's sons were little ones, there were problems with Pandyas  and Srilankans,  and  he made his sister's(Neriyudai Peruma)son Sankaran as Yuvarajan with the name Rajathi Rajan in 1166. Kulothungan  III came to throne in 1178 and Rajathi Rajan was helping in all deeds upto 1216 and died.
                                   Sankara Chola Ula gives the Chola lineage from Vishnu, Bramha, Sooriyan, Manu, Manthadha, Sooravathithan ......upto Kulothungan III. So many inscriptions (Pallipadai, Tarasuram, Tirunarayur, Vazhuvur,Tiruvarur ...)are there for Rajarajan II, Rajathi Rajan and Kulothungan III.
                                    2. N.Sethuraman was the Owner of Raman & Raman Co. the bus transport in Kumbakonam. Now it is Cholan Transport(taken by Govt.)
                                    3. N.Sethuramn made vast research in histoy and wrote many books. He made findings later than KAN, Gopinatha Rao, and Pandarathar.
  • Hello Sir

    What are the books, where do I get them ?

    I will be interested in buying them.
  • Dear Ravi,
             N.Sethuraman's books are 'Aruludai Chola Mandalam', The chholas, Early Cholas, The Imperial Pandyas, The Medivial Pandyas and Sankaran Chola Ula & Kulothunga Cholan Kovai.  These were published by himself from Kumbakonam, Nageswaran Vadaku Veethi when he was alive. I am having the books, Sankaran Chola Ula & Kulothuna Cholan Kovai and Medivial Pandyas (Tamil versions-1989).
             Other books, I have to trace them where it is available.
            2. His research articles were published in 'Journal of Epigraphical Society of India-Studies in Place Names'.
            3. Chola Pandyan, Chola Gankan, Chola  Lankeswaran, Chola Keralan - all in English were published by 'Place Names Society of India'.
            Dr.K.V.Ramesh, Director of Epigraphy gave full support to N.Sethuraman to publish all his works. So, Epigraphy Dept. in Chennai and Delhi should have the publications, I suppose.
            Here, in Kumbakonam, I will try to trace them and inform the availability soon.
  • Hi sps

    i think all messages with general/ contemprory topics not meant for
    archives should be deleted first.

    I deleted a few such messages from december 2008.please view the
    first two or 3 pages.
    then from the topics in history it would be easier to search and
    decide what has to go


  • > i think all messages with general/ contemprory topics not meant for
    > archives should be deleted first.

    I second your opinion venkat. I have also deleted couple of messages
    and will continue this activity.
  • > --- In ponniyinselvan@yahoogroups.com, Vishwak senean
  • HI SPS,

    Please let me know if you will be able to procure 1 copy for me also. My cell no. is 9600022856.
  • Dear viswaksenan
      iam residing at kumbakonam.i will try to get that book and send it.please send me your postal address.


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  • Dear Sir,
         Recently I got an information from a book. Our Rajendra Cholan has ordered to make a Nagaswaram in ivory and presented  in appreciation to the Nagaswara Vidwan of Arooran Sannidhi in Tiuvarur Temple. After 30 generations, the Nagaswaram is kept as treasure by that family. The famous Nagaswara Vidwan Samiappa Pillai's son Vidwan Latchappa Pillai is having it. He was a Professor in Tamil Nadu Music college and Lecturer in Venkateswara University.
         Any body heard this? or seen Mr. Latchappa Pillai? Is there any previous discussion about this?
  • Wow. This is super. We should meet the Pillai and see the instrument for ourselves....
  • It seems he has an official web site:

    Look for the link Barni Nadhaswaram.
    or see here:
    He also traces his lineage:
    May be somebody can explain to our group about this bari nadhaswaram.....

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