Seasons Greetings and wishing all a prosperous ( can always pray for that ) 2009
  • hi Friends

    Its been an eventful year with a tumultuous ending - pray for fortunes
    to be reversed quickly in 2009. wishing all friends a happy xmas and a
    prosperous new year
  • Hi Vijay,
    Thank you for the wishes.wishing you and all our other friends and their families a happy and a peaceful year!
  • Peace be with everyone throughout the new year.
  • Dear all,

    Let peace reign in our mind,

    Let humanity survive in our heart,

    Let the fire of love in us lighten us and others...

    Let's pray the almighty to give strength and confidence in us

    to fulfil our duties,

    Let the needy be blessed,

    Let the hearts in despair attain joy and hope to live,

    Let us all thank the Almighty for bestowing all that we recieved in the


    Let our beautiful Earth be filled with harmony,and become an abode of Love!

    I extend my heartfelt New Year Greetings to all.

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