• HI

    can anyone tel me the websites where i can read / download Sandilyan Novels / books

    like there is a site in geocities for Kalki

    thanks & rgds

  • Gokul sir,
    Good evening, I would like to know if anyone is interested in making Ponniyin Selvan a movie or like a serial. Please don't stare at me, I'm not joking.Because, nearly a year or two ago, I saw in Dinamani newspaper an ad for selecting actors for the roles of Ponniyin Selvan. since I'm interested in chola history, I was awaiting for viewing it in TV. But there was no news about it after that. The ad was from an established company who were taking hit serials in Tamil channels. I forgot the name. Do you know anything about that? I dont know whether the project is in progress or dropped. Please reply.
  • I dont know whether the project is in progress or
    dropped. Please reply.

    project for kalaingar tv most likely dropped because the director
    Naga has moved onto a film being done by film company owned by
    director shanker.

  • the project was dropped .. And I knew some people who is trying to making it in 2d animation series and 3D animation series too ..

    by the by me and our team also trying to make it as a 3D animation film .. We are working hard to make a 10 sec promo to get a Producer .. Lets see how it goes ..

  • GnanaKannan Sir,
    Good Evening, I'm a new member in PSVP. I'm really happy to know that you've taken a step towards making a 3D or 2D movie of Ponniyin Selvan. Its really a giant leap. I wish you all the best to succeed in your endeavour. Our forecoming generations will be grateful to you if you do this. Because children will get bored up when they read all these facts in a so-called subject history.
    Nowadays most of the parents want their children to get salary in 6 digits and they don't want them to know anything about our ancestors. They are not to be blamed because the new era of computer is both fascinating and threatening them. If the history is portrayed in a new form children will learn easily and our intention will be succeeded.
    May god bless you with all that you need to succeed in your efforts.
  • Dear Bhuvana,

    Thank you very much for your interest and blessings. Many people who read PS would like to see it on a film but Its really tough to bring it on screen .. Kalki himself before he wrote PS he had a trial version called Parthiban Kanavu .. After he got so much recognition from the public he made PS..

    We are not big time directors but we are artists who worked in VFX and animation industry for 10 years. We don't know we are capable of doing this big task but we love to do it that's why we are trying to do it ..

    So we are planning to get suggestions and comments from public in each level of our project. We are working on a 10 sec promo which is having Vanniya thevan and Nandhini character involved .. Once we have done we would like to post it in this forum and wants to get feed back from all ..

    If our promo is success then we will have enough confident to achieve this film in future ..

    Lets see what god likes ..

  • Ungal muyarichi vetriadaiya enathu manamarntha vazhthukkal.
  • krithiga,

    thangal vazthukkaluku manamarnda nandri .. ungal adaravum udaviyum ellamal duvum sathiyamillai engalukku ..

  • dear kannan sir
    i dont think making ps a movie will do justify to the novel u have to cut short a lot making it as a tv serial will be much better


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  • Shyam I am with you. In fact we in our house have discussed this extensively
    and all of us are of the opinion that PS will be at its best if its a 12 or
    13 hrs serial - Every sunday at a prime time What say!
  • Dear shyam,

    We are thinking this for years and we know its impossible to make it as a single movie ..
    But we are trying to find the alternatives like tv serials or 3-4 part movie like lord of the rings ..
    Lets see how it works .. As i said we are not big time directors or producers but we really love to make it and thats why we are trying to do it .. rest will be in gods hand ..
  • Hi

    I think the novel PS has enough scope to be made into a Hollywood film (3 or
    4 parts) which will have a truly international reach. It has to be a big
    production with quality actors. If it is made in Tamil, it will have to be
    made on a similar scale with a grand vision in mind to convey the culture,
    tradition and characters (in this case most of them have been real) to a
    world wide audience.

    If the animation film Sultan is a success, it might well be worth trying
    this out as an animation film. Again, it will have to be of epic
    proportions. Anything less will neither justify the novel nor the times.

    Actually, we need something like this not only to show to the world the
    greatness of our culture and past but even more so to inspire the current
    and future generations.

    Good luck with your promo and while you make it, please bear in mind always
    that you need to bring to life one of the most glorious periods of our
    entire history.

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