Pa.Singaram / G.Nagarajan Novels
  • People,

    Anyone has the novels (Old Copies / PDF Version) written by Pa.Singaram and
    G. Nagarajan. Or please suggest me where in Chennai can I get them?

    ~ Udanx
  • Now that one person has answered my "What is real Literature" I am asking
    this question again. Anyone has read the novels written by Pa.Singaram OR

    In one of the discussion forum I saw a reply

    "In 'puyalil oru thOni', there is a scene where a boat with goods, while
    crossing the Straits of Malacca, meets with a storm. P.Singaram describes it
    and the feelings, agonies, panic, and emotional out-pourings of the
    travellers with great finess. He should. Because he underwent those
    experiences when he took some goods from Medan to Penang in a boat across
    the Straits of Malacca in 1939/1940. The experience should have cast a very
    deep impact on him. Hence the name, 'Puyalil oru thONi'."

    This was written by one person called JayBee. Is it our JayBee?

    ~ Udanx

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