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  • Hi friends,

    Thanks to some superb work by our Thiru, managed to come up with more
    refined version of the site which is user freindly and easy to navigate.

    As a special treat - am carrying exclusive on our beloved tanjore big

    Please have a look and comment.

    Coming up shortly with exciting posts on the shore temple and an excl
    guest post from some unique people, which will make you all sit up and

    b rgds
  • Hi Vijay,
      Interesting blog. Clear and crisp description. I like the way you described the sculptures. 
  • Fantastic Vijay. A great article.
  • Hi Friends,

    This might come as a surprise to some of you, but as a true testament
    to the universality of art - i am presenting our Kathie's post on

    Read on and enjoy. Hats off to you kathie
  • Very Nice,
    Thank you so much.U get me to Narthamalai by ur article.
    (As im belong to Thanjavur  district, till now i didnt go to narthamalai.....shame)
  • Dear Saathmeeka,
    Yes, you really should go down to Narthamalai.
    Aside from the temples, the scenery's
    just gorgeous around there.
  • Hi Vijay & kathie,

    Thanks for this article... really I was not aware of this place until this
    morning. The photos were very nice, that too the first intro photo to that
    temple is beautiful.
  • Dear Sateesh,
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    Yes, that photo you mention is exactly
    what I first saw through the trees! So beautiful!
  • Hi Kathie,

    Nice one. Excellent photos. Expecting more from your experience. :)
  • Hi friends

    We have seen many rock cut shrines and structures in india, but not
    many outside china know about this magnificent rock cut Buddha - the
    largest in the world
  • A stone chain, bears a flower, to attract parrots

    Thanks to my friend Mr. Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan ( who goes by
    the screen names ravages) got inspired to do part 2 of this amazing
    stone chain.
  • Back from the Crocodile's belly

    In an earlier post we saw how Hanuman came out alive from a
    Crocodile's belly. Now, we are going to see another such feat.

    Darasuram has some amazing miniature story board like freezes. One
    such depicts the Periapuranam legend of Saint Sundarar, by his
    infinite devotion to Lord Shiva, making a crocodile regurgitate a boy.
  • -Hi vijay

    next time you go to coimbatore visit avinashi where this sundarar and
    the croc incident took place.
    behind the main temple there is an accesory shrine for sundarar. the
    vahanam is a huge crocodile of stone

  • Hi Vijay
    your turnover is prolific( olungaa office poringalaa?)

    have i missed the article in your blog on a cambodian statue of
    natarja with karaikal ammaiyar?
    karaikal ammaiyar is strictly a local phenomenon and I dont think we
    can find traces of her north of kalahasti.
    does your cambodian Peyar indicate a stronger tamil influence than
    east indian in cambodia? or is it a freakish one time phenomenon
    like a girafee in khajraho

  • Hi Vijay,

    Mount meru was the inspiration for Angkor Wat... it could have been the
    same for Masroor too. I do not know of any contact between north-india and
    the combodians - did any link exist? If not it could be just coincidence
    that two different people undertook two efforts based on Mount mahameru.

    Could you comment about the period of angkor wat and masroor please?

    (I have posted this as a comment on your blog, but am writing here so that
    I can get responses in my mail box)

    One more comment is that in a blog topic about about masroor, you title it
    mentioning angkor wat, but not masroor - I think it would be good if masroor
    is mentioned in the topic (and the web page title). Would do justice to the
    main topic, and would also help show up in searches about masroor better.
    Just my two cents worth.
  • Dear Venkatesh,
    Did you know that there's a giraffe on Konark sun temple, Orissa?_,___

    Mr Ashok my photographer friend came up with a set of amazing
    sculptures from Tirukurungudi, one look a them and i decided inorder
    to do justice to the mastery of these beauties, the right person to
    write about them would be Mr Kannan. Grateful to him for agreeing to
    do so and come up with such a great post in such a short duration.
    Read on and enjoy…..
  • Hi Kathie

    yes but i thought it was kajraho and in after thought wont a giraffee
    be out of place in kajraho.

    we have discussed it in the archives.
    i always imagine one african slave boy. kidnapped from etosha or some
    place where he has vivid memories of these animals- brought as a
    slave to west coast of india. trained as a sculptor and works on
    Hi thats letting my imagination run aint it?
  • dear Venkatesh,
    I don't really know the deep background of much
    I've seen, have just had the great good fortune to
    travel all over India, and have excellent books with
    old spotty photos of intriguing places.
  • Truly amazing, the narasimha avatara and sri krishna under tree are just wonderful, lovely. and seems well preserved temple also. Thank you.
  • The temple is well preserved today because of the efforts of the TVS Group. Their founder, Sri.TV Sundaram Iyengar was born here, and their family still owns a large house in the village (in fact, the initial T in TVS stands for Thirukkurungudi). Besides this temple, the TVS group has liberally contributed to renovation of several other temples (particularly the nava-thirupathis) around the region. They have also been actively sponsoring many social initiatives undertaken by NGOs here.
  • The Nava Thirupathis got a new lease of life becuase of the involvement
    and support of Sri. Venu Srinivasan and the TVS group. I was told that
    the temples were virtually unapproachable 20 years ago.
    Thirumangai Azhwar attained 'Moksham' in Thirukurungudi.

    Sculpture from an Author’s perspective

    I have been very fortunate to have been under the tutelage of many
    great souls, who lovingly embraced me and took it on themselves to
    educate and encourage me. Their list is long and in that long list the
    forerunner is Mr .Dhivakar. A master story teller and author of three
    superb works of historical fiction in tamil - Vamsadhara, Thirumalai
    Thirudan and Vichitra Chitan, i invite him to give us a history
    author’s perspective to sculpture.

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