ponniyin selvan quiz
  • Hi

    there is a way to check if we all need brushing up.
    the orkut ps group is having a regular quiz on ponniyin selvan.
    we should also have one on kalki and his works.
  • //there is a way to check if we all need brushing //
    WOW! Yes nice idea. There is a blogger- KRS- who had a PS quiz. He does on various topics. Our group can conduct on PS, SS , PK .
  • Venkat, great idea!! We can do one novel per person - nobody knows PS better than you do :))
  • Dear Malathy and others
    Have you checked the files section...There are quies and crosswords try your hand1
  • I found quiz and crosswords inf iles section. But i cannot find the answers for Ponniyin Selvan X word¬† file in Files section

  • 1. Who was Anirudhar's grandfather?

    2. Which sect of Budhists offered the throne to Arulmozhi?

    3. Where did the 'yanaipagan' episode occur?

    4. AK, on his way to Kadambur is fascinated by which sculpture?

    5. Which animal did Poongkuzhali kill singlehandedly?

    6. How is Rakkammal associated with the 'aabaththudhavigal'?

    7. Which pasuram does Azhwarkkadiyan sing in Veeranarayanapuram?

    8. Where does Vandiyathdevan meet Kundavai for the first time?

    9. What is the name of Manimekalai's 'thozhi'?

    10. Who is Nandhini's father? (Ha! Ha! Ha!)
  • 1.Anbil Anandhazhwar
    6.Rakkamal belongs to pandiya nadu
    7.Nammazhwar pasuram
    8.Kudandhai Jodhidar's home

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