Sembian Madevi & Uthama
  • Thanks SPS for 2 nice writeups.
    //That black magic piece - RjC spying RRC - and belitting SM Devi.. in
    the Fiction ... let us get over.//
    Got over once I stopped reading the Fiction :)
  • Thanks to Swetha. A couple of years back, when i wanted to start
    reading Udayar, Swetha warned me not to do so and I followed suit. :)
    I think I made a wise decision to listen to Swetha.
  • >
    > That black magic piece - RjC spying RRC - and belitting SM Devi.. in
    > the Fiction ... let us get over.
    > regards/ sps
    Hi Sps sir,

    Not able to just get over. If its fiction then let it be so, but when
    its historical fiction and that too when dealing with real characters
    guess writers need to restrain their artistic licenses. that is the
    reason why most works of that genre -though basing themselves on
    major historic events, have a few real people in them - but the main
    characters are buy default ficitious people. they revolve around the
    real character but never tarnish their repute....a classic case is
    amarar kalki, the master story teller he was but..

    Nandhini rode off, though it takes away the fizz of the plot, the
    master kalki did not try and alter history.

    He neednt have switched off the lights ( thank god he did - else we
    wouldnt have so many new members joining us trying to find out - who
    killed ak)...but then

    He kept the parentage of nandhini a suspense, despite showing pandya
    king and pandya spies in negative light - he did not tarnish the his

    Lets take SS on similar plane:

    The siege of kanchi - ok he glossed it up a bit but then he did not
    alter fact - he even has narasimhar lament, plus mahendra himself
    feels he immersed himself too much into art without focussing on
    strengthening his defences.

    he did not alter history - a dancer could not marry the king. it would
    have been so easy to have just added her among the long list of wives,
    but he stuck to his plot, because mahendra was a real character...

    take PK

    though the most loosely constructed ( by that i mean historical
    content) ... even in that the foot note - the dream of parthiban took
    another 200years to come true, he could have easily shown it
  • Vijay - extremely well said, thanks.
  • SPS, was Uthama just RRC's proxy or did he have any battles/heroic deeds to his credit? I often wondered that Kalki's decision to make a flower boy a king was a hasty decision to tie up loose ends (until Venkat pointed out that Amudha-Uthama spelt backwards :).
    How can a flower boy suddenly transition into king of a mighty empire?
    The real Uthama may not have been a flower boy but perhaps religious/peace loving like his mother? Or not?
  • In one of them she mentions a personal experience when she was
    travelling home on a flight from Delhi with a statue of Rani of
    Jhansi presented to her by someone. The kids sitting next to her
    wanted to know if it was a martial arts person :)
    > Not sure if many kids of our times would know of sembian madhevi,
    sad state.
    > Malathi

    hi on that topic, this is a real instance .

    i am quoting the incident

    "I was witness to a very interesting conversation between a six-year-
    old girl and a nine-year-old boy, both students of our school in
    *****, just after the Gandhi resource centre there was
    established. "The girl asked the boy whether he knew who Gandhi was,
    which was answered with a 'No'. The girl then said, 'Gandhi is the
    one who made Munnabhai a good man!' referring to the hit Hindi
    movie "Lage Raho Munnabhai". "But on a more serious note, the
    students do know who Gandhi was and many non-Indian students are
    actually quite intrigued about his life and what he did,"
  • Yes, i too feel the same.Its very hard to read up to 3rd volume.But after 4th volume..really very interesting..
    6th volume....very very interserting.
    After reading 6th volume..Enaku RRC mela periya mariyadhaiyae vandhuduchu....that day night when i finished Udayar 6th part.Then..i started crying ..Enna ariyamalae..enaku azhuga vandhudichu....
    Strongly i can say....After reading Udayar..Enaku RRC melayum...Lord shiva maelayum..irukura madhipu adhigamayidichu....
    (I have the wish to buy Udayar books..But now i cannot..sure i will buy..atleast..6th part)

    Reading BK's Udayar was a Rollercoaster ride, as Kalaki portrayals of these characters are totally different. It’s actually exciting to taste diverse views and imagine things. Screening things and see, “What If” they are other wise.. I would say it’s healthy, even if its part of imaginary tale.
    I was not able to complete the 3rd part very easily. But still I continued....
    Yeh.. Getting into those shoes are tough... but once you start reading the novel, a bit detached, we can really pick very valuable information..
     The author has taken all the pains to make the readers understand the engineering of Periya kovil, the way the stones were brought, the human labour involved, information on women police in Chola empire, Nisumbasudhini temple, about temple in ammankudi, details of the same.. etc.. the information are countless. I was really impressed by those.
    The influence was so strong that I made a trip to Ammankudi and got blessings of Sri.RajaRajeshweri there. The presiding goddess.
    Once I completed the 6th part, there was deep devotion and respect for RRC.. What saathmeeka tells is true.. azhugu thana varum !!
    Nithya----- Original Message ----
  • Nithya & Sathmeeka
    Thanks. Both of you have given me some motivation to rethink about reading/completing Udayar. Let me try.
  • We have discussed this widely on earlier occasions.

    Let us hear others views again ..

    May request Vijay / Thiru to open with discussions from Archives.

    would like to hear Venkat's view too.

    regards / sps
  • Missing mails from regular contributors like Malathi and other

    Pls contribute more whenever convenient.

    regards / sps

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