Kamal Haasans Dasavatharamdraws effusive early reactions
  • Kamal without his anti God digs?? Definitely have to
    see. Special effects + good story line is a rare
    combo, let us hope he has pulled it off. Waiting to
    hear more.
  • Satish, Kamal has digs in every movie of his own (not
    old ones with KB or other directors), more later ones.
    He is very much a new agey guy (by that I mean one who
    has a custom belief system based on convenience). It
    is a good idea i think to just enjoy his movie talents
    and leave him at that.

    It is dumb to link intelligence with faith in a linear
    way. Newton, Edison and to some extent even Einstein
    was a beleiver. The math genius Ramanujam received his
    theories in dreams where he claimed Lord Narasimha
    reveled them to him. Perhaps would be more clear to
    say being a scientist leads one to an intelligent
    belief system, rather than a belief system propogated
    by blind following of religion.

  • Satish, questioning God with an open mind is not
    atheism, it is agnosticism. Am not saying Kamal has
    done that, just to clarify in theory. Agnosticism is
    and must be a phase every true believer goes through.

  • sorry to comment about this .... that is dasavatharam ............
    as far as the film is concerned first of all lets think about the way that they have executed it. its because of KAMAL every one is commenting about the film but if its in the case of any other actor this thig would have worked out first people should try to appreciate the job that they have performed first of all i would like to say its not an easy task to write such a massive script and more over in the other hand the screenplay and the acting comes in the next hand we should be proud and we must have some concern towars the work they have done in film. in an interwiew with KS RAVIKUMAR he him self if forwarding that even its not possible for the next time with some other legend in (HINDI and HOLLYWOOD) .......
    so when this things holds this much grip i dont know how the people are commenting about the make up issues do any one know how tough was that.......................
  • Thank you to everyone for their comments...I think I
    saved myself some $$ :))

    Even without watching some thoughts came to my mind.
    Kamal developed this obsession with weird make ups
    after he successfully played female iyer mami and a
    midget guy. I saw stills of the movie, the make up of
    Bush was horrible, I mean yes it is important to be
    creative of course but surely there is no comparison
    whatsoever between Kamal and Bush for one to play
    another, and how far does a make up man go?

    Second, it is a well known fact almost globally that
    special effects _+ strong story line rarely go well
    together. One has to contend for one in favor of the

    Lastly perhaps if Kamal had made this with other
    regular actors with himself playing one or two roles,
    the story would have been more apparent. Why not use a
    real old lady or a regular george bush look alike for
    bush? An audience going for a story would they care?
    Somehow I am reminded of Navarthri and MMKR,both of
    which had great storylines and showcased the
    undeniable talents of Sivaji and Kamal. But they stuck
    to the story, no half baked religious innuedos or
    special effects. History already has its lessons, only
    lack of people who learn them.
  • Why someone likes a movie and someone else does not is
    really not a logical thing, it depends on the person's
    taste. That said, we can and should logically discuss
    the issues around the movie, including the actor's
    bloated ego that makes him don female roles and roles
    that are caricatures more than people.

    Perhaps the special effects are international
    standards, yes let us give him credit for that.But
    what is the need for any sympathy, he is a smart
    business man, not just an actor. He chose to take
    certain risks in return for fame and money, sometimes
    he gets it sometimes he does not. Same as any business
    deal. Would we pan it if it was not Kamal, perhaps
    not. But who else would play ten roles anyway for us
    to do that? And who else who take on
    scripting/screenplay anything under the sun himself

    My grandfather used to say of people crying after
    watching movies - the actor takes money to cry and you
    give money and cry, that is the only difference. It is
    sort of like that.
  • He he :) Venkat that was funny. I was also reminded of
    the joke from the eternal classic 'Kathallikka
    Neramillai' - Nagesh attempts to be a movie
    maker/actor and says story/screenplay/direction/action
    ellam naan dhan and his sister remarks 'anna clap boy
    kooda nee dhana :))

    All good movies are a result of team work, not the
    lead actor's fame or even abilities. MMKR was like
    that, so was Kadhalikka Neramillai, Bale Pandiya,
    Mayabazar etc. When the actor's ego grows and he wants
    to do everything then it becomes jack of all trades,
    master of none and bores the audience, that is all.

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