inital PS Database design
  • hello guys,
    i've come up with a initial design for our PS db. i've uploaded into our
    files section under Ps Db design folder. a brief description of all the
    tables will be in readme table within the database.. Pl. review and get
    back to me..
  • Hi Jana

    Had a quick look at the database.

    This is fine to begin with. But the question is - how are we to
    upload this database and work with it online? We need to subscribe to
    a webspace that supports MS access.

    The second thing is that we need to write programs(asp or java) to
    extract data from this database and publish it online.

    In short - from a simple html upload we are going towords a full
    fledged e-portal.

    Good design work.
  • primary key:
    well, u can choose not to have a primary key in these type of simple schema.. but these keys will be very handy while we perform a update/delete operation, to locate the item easily..

    i was thinking in terms of generating the metakeywords dynamically for individual contents.. read in some article that search engines can sniff them as well..

  • Krips,
    Meta keywords is purely search engine stuff. Search engine spiders,
    when they "crawl" over our web pages, will link these meta keywords
    in appropriate headings.
    Later on, when an innocent party types those keywords, search engines
    will list out a set of urls based on the relevance of keyword and the
    content - plus a host of other things like no of times the keyword
    has been repeated in the website etc.

    Enna - kozhappitena ? Naane konjam kozhapathodu than ezhudhugiren...

    Krupa stylai copy adithu mailai mudikkum,
  • Hi Gokul,

    I think u misunderstood krupa's question. He is asking abt the PS
    website internal searching facility. neenga thaan konjam ulla poi
    online marketing, search engine listing'nu class edukka arambichutinga
  • Hi,

    Regarding the website, I would like to know whether it
  • hi balaji,
    thanks for ur inputs.. this db was designed with the intention to store
    all the content we acquire in following years in a structured format, rather than plain html files.. in case , we do get content in PDF (like Pavithra's travelouge or anything like that), we just store the info of those files in the system as an catalogue.. to begin with, i would imagine our site having simple scripts to fetch these content and shove it to the user.. i wasnt interested at all to do interactive forums or discussion topics, atleast for the near future.. however having said that, i wanted to provide necessary hooks in the base design for future enhancements.. your thoughts?

  • HI Jana,
    Understood, but tell one thing for stroring the data's alone do u need a database. As per ur mail the intention is clearly to store data's which depends upon the strorage capacity of the webserver(Service provider). U can give a simple links like refrence to a PDF file or anything it's going to display from the webserver. Where dose the database comes here.
    And the fist thing regarding the website is it should be fantasy. It should solve the purpose, not too inteligent nor too dump. IF u can upload the link and probaly the source code i will test in my server.

  • hello balaji,
    sorry if my sentences meant something else.. in case of pdf's and other external docs, we will still be giving links within the site.. we will not be storing into the db.. but for content, which we acquire as postings or other articles which we grab from somewhere else, dont u feel the necessity of storing them somewhere structurally? my thought was if we manage to get a trivial db at backend and get some scripting done, we need not bother about editing html pages again and again to accomodate content / to create new links to contents in future.

  • naan metakeywords paththi kaettadhu, webpage-kku illai, web database-
    la dhaan.

    apparam, kandippa verum html mattum vechchu manage yellaam panna
    mudiyaadhu.. kurainja batcham ASP-yaavadhu vaenum. Since most of us
    here are familiar with Microsoft technology(ies), ASP would be
    better, rather than PHP/JSP...

    apparam balaji.... jana design pannina database paaththeengala?

    "idhukku maelayum inga technical details yellaam discuss pannaama, ps-
    varalaaru-la poai pannunga" nu yaaro solradhu yenakku kaadhula
    vizhugiradhu. so, vaanga anga poaidalaam...

  • Hi Jana,

    Agreed with ur point. If u have any idea regarding this u are free to share with me. I would also like to help u in the intial database design and further process. For database why can't we go for an open source instead of acess. My point is to go for mySql datbase. Visit this site .

  • hello balaji,
    thanks for offering help with the design.. i am just waiting for feedback from other members as well. will consolidate those stuffs and then will start approaching u for help.
    regarding mysql, i myself am not sure abt the implementation approach.. i guess, we need to get into pallipadi with other members and discuss it, as that opens up ISP issues & cost related stuffs as well.. Since i come with a Microsoft Technology skill set, i would prefer implementing it with MS. My stand on this is purely based on comfort area rather than anyother stuff.. So, treat this MSAccess design as a logical design for the site and see if it more or less covers our "wish-list", without crippling us much to extend it in future..

  • Hi guys,

    shall v talk about web development issues in PS-varalaru grp?

    balaji: our webserver is not supporting PHP, MySQL. moreover, most of
    our developers r MS skillset guys (naan aathula oru kaal, sethula oru
    kaal). so i feel, v can go ahead with ASP, MS Access.

    jana: I agree with u in the database design. pls, v can discuss abt
    this in ps-varalaru grp.

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