I am lost!
  • Pardon me for the intrusion everybody,
    I am kinda busy right now, and off the web. So, whenever I peep in, I
    really get lost. I may be the devil's advocate (as Sridhar mentioned
    once) or a demon (as Jana called himself recently), or any other
    creature in the same category.
    Bringing works of historians on the web is one thing we started
    working on, if I am correct. I am worried if its just wishful
    thinking (dont take me wrong guys, I just want to know if we have
    enough hands).
    We started off with the PS website, then varalaaru (e-zine), then Mr.
    Mylai Seeni Venkatasamy, then Kudandhai N. Sethuraman, then Mr. SRB's
    works, and then Mr. Rajamanickanar (I guess its different from
    varalaaru e-zine).
    No wonder all these people are stalwart historians and archeologists,
    and we have all the enthusiasm to digitize their work. My doubt is,
    in reality, can we handle all at once?
    I am just being skeptical. Its better being skeptical than being
    Vasaikkaga kaathirukkum,
  • Thilak,
    I was wondering what was happening to you all this time, man - happy
    to see you back :-).
    I fully understand your concerns. My idea behind these mails is that
    we can atleast collect the material and keep it ready at our hands
    and take it up one by one.
    For example, the research papers of mani are now in various hands and
    now we can relax a bit hoping that the papers will come out one after
    other - over a period of time.
    PS website - I am waiting for ram to return at the end of july. He is
    taking responsibility for this.
    Varalaaru - Kamal is waiting for the latest issue to be released,
    which will be the first issue to go online.
    Mylai - Krupa said he's unable to catch those guys in the said
    address. I have few of his books at hand and waiting for things to
    settle down so that we can take up at apporpriate time.

    There are two entities involved in all of our work - internal and
    external. Internal, we can atleast have some control. External - we
    don't and things may take longer time.
    So, if we initiate certain things and do some ground work (like
    collecting papers from Dr.Kalaikovan etc.) - then we can take it up
    one by one.
    Does that make sense ? Otherwise we will postpone all this things to
    the future. May be I'm a bit over enthusiastic about all these things
    and want to do several things at a time - which may not possible.
  • Hello Thilak & Pavi,
    thanks for giving me company.. i am in agreement with most of the issues highlighted by u.. but my gut feeling is that with other enthu's like gokul, suji and other members, we might still come out with flying colours..
    intha week, office bayanagara hectic'ka irukku..romba manda kanchi pochu.. innum oncha pada illai..
    still i am doing some background work regarding
    1) designing database.. i've set sunday evening as target to finish it
    2) coming up with a list of task(s) which we have taken and i am trying to associate some owners responsible for it.. will upload this file sometime soon.. i just want u guys to c, if something of that is feasible for us to follow.. hopefully will finish it before tuesday
    3) i managed to scan all the images from SRB book with help of one my friend in the office.. he told me that the quality isnt very good.. will have a look at that this weekend and start uploading them into our files section, probably as zip files, to save space.. hopefully will finish it by friday next week
    4) also this weekend or in the next weekend i am planning to scan Dr.SRB's whole book.. athai thamizhakkam seya oru ennamum undu..

    ithai ellam arisiyalvathiyin pooli vakkurithikagalakka virumbatha...

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