Irandaam Yaththirai: Scribblings of light
  • ellorukkum vanakkam,
    I hereby announce the uploading of Irandaam yaththirai photos. I
    have uploaded the files [Formatted for your viewing :-D] @
    The captions of the pages are in Tamil (UNICODE encoding). If
    you can't see them, then you have the freedom of having your own
    caption. Anyway the thumbnails should tell you more. Also the
    filenames. All images in original resolutions wherever possible.
    So it might take time to download.
    If you need copies of any particular snap I can make the
    original available for download.
    I hope you enjoy them


    PS:Reply for more help
  • Dear all...

    Oh, my....

    Yagna, those photos look really good. Must give links, like you suggested,
    in the travelogue. Would spruce it up like anything.

    Scribblings of Light is good. 'Random Sketches in Light' is good too.:-)
  • Hi Yagna

    Surukkamagave solli vidugiren : SUPERB !
  • Hi Yagna,

    Photos-laam super-a irukku.. sariiiiiiiii clarity :)
    kurangugaL kalakkaraanga :)


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