Mani's Journals- a list of volunteers, et al.-IMPORTANT
  • Dear all...

    Thanks to all the people who volunteered. So far, here're the people who've
    opted to OCR/type up the text:

    1. Pavithra
    2. Mathy
    3. Karthikeyan
    4. Arul
    5. Yagna
    6. Latha
    7. Krupa.

    I believe Mr. Sundar also volunteered- right at the beginning. (Mr. Sundar,
    would you like to do some proof-reading?)

    [Ram..what about you??]

    All you people- please aknowledge your slots. That way, I'll know if you
    can/can't do it.

    There are 7 chapters in total.
    So, is it agreed- I shall scan and send each part to those who've opted for
    it. And I shall inform the group about it too.

    And when we 're done with typing/OCR- let's go to the next part-namely

    Do keep writing to the group about the progress.

    As for the scanning- gimme two days. I'm loaded with work at the moment-
    I'll be done with it by Friday, at the most.
  • Hi Guys,

    I can send a copy of the papers to those who live in the US and
    dont possess it.


    Ramachandran Mahadevan,
    Research Assistant,
    Washington State University,
    H-113,1920NE Terre View Dr,
  • Pavi,

    Thilak and I swapped duties. He is going to scan it in and I am going
    to proofread what he scans in. I have the hardcopy version of all the 7
    papers with me and I will send a copy of it to him - just let me know
    which one. You don't have to scan it in for him.

  • Hei Pavi, Naan engappa list la kaanom? (En preference Typing)

  • Pavithra,
    Count me in for proof-reading.

    Send the hard copy of the chapter to be proof-read.

    My address:

    355, Plain Field Ave,
    Apt# 6A

    Each time I am giving u new new address :P
    This is also temporary... Next time will give u anew again :P
    If possible send one BK Novel with that :P

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