sathaya vizha
  • Monday is sathaya vizha in memory of Rajarajan

    functions started in tanjore temple today.

    notable feature today was a group caled ' thanjai koil mitpu kuzhu"
    agitated outside and were arrested seeking the removal of Bhosle the
    king of tanjore from the post of trustee because he was not tamilian.

  • Greetings to the member celebrating Birthday on Aipasi Sathayam!
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    > Communist affliated this Group staged Dharna last year itself.
    > sps

    Its a bane in India and there will be always a group to oppose
    whatever happens. No one will think whether its good or bad but
    blindly oppose things. Even after 60 years of Indepence, if people
    are divided in the name of language barrier, its a shame to this
    country, and it shows how the politicians are manipulating us.
    People should be happy that atleast Bhosle is a hindu and a beliver.

    While talking about opposition, I remember the yesterday's Vijay TV
    Neeya Naana. I seldom watch this but since the topic was catchy, I
    started watching it. The debate was on the move to make one year
    rural service compulsory to the MBBS students. The highlight was
    towards the end, Hon. Central Health Minister Dr.Anbumani was
    brought in for answering questions. He handled the situation really
    well and he was brilliant. The basic point he made is, after 60
    years, India is compared in IT against developed countries like US,
    UK, Japan, Russia etc. while in Medical service its compared against
    countries like Burma, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Kenya etc, which is a
    shame for us.

    He said, to aleviate rural medical issues, this is just one of the
    steps by the govt. and its not only in TN but will be implemented in
    the whole country.

    For this the students who were opposing the move, said, they are not
    selfish not to do rural service, but they demanded, instead of one
    year compulsory rural service, why cant the govt. give them job
    assurance. If job is assured they are ready to go anywhere (meaning
    to rural areas).

    Here came the googly from the minister. He said there are lots of
    posts in backward states like Bihar, meghalaya, Chatisgarh and north
    east and he can give them a job gaurentee if they are ready to go

    The anchor was terrible and asked the opposers to give in writing
    stating that they are ready for this, becuase their demand of job
    assurance has been given by the Central minister himself.

    Avanga moonchiya pakkanume, eee adala...people were dumb struck and
    no one could react. pei arancha mathiri ayitanga. after repeated
    demand from the anchor, they didnt had any option, since they have
    given their word that they will go anywhere if job is assured, they
    signed the agreement. (what will happen henceforth - god only knows)

    I am not saying whether the move is right or wrong, but people
    oppose even good things without seeing the bigger picture. Unless
    each and everyone of us feel that its our country and try to do our
    bit, even if its a simple thing like saying no to plastic bags, not
    littering on the road, keeping environment clean, saving energy etc,
    we can climb up the ladder very fast.

    But selfishness is on top priority. God save this country.
  • Dear sps,
    who is this birthday baby?Please pass on our wishes to him or her.
    with regards,
    shanthi palaninathan.
  • Hi Sathish,
    I do agree with you.I have started to say no to plastic bags when i go shopping.
    Though a small act i feel good for not having taken it.
    with regards,
    shanthi palaninathan.
  • -Hi

    though it may sound out of place i wish to make a few things clear on
    plastic bags and other environmental propaganda.

    in the opinion of many environmentalists plastics are no more
    polluting than paper bags or cloth bags. only that they pollute the
    places of production rather than the place of the end user.
    paper industry is still supported mainly by deforestation and the
    process is one of the most polluting ever. seen a river down stream
    after a paper plant?
    and cotton is one of the most insecticide sprayed crops.
    all these affect the locations where the raw materials are procured
    or product manufactured.
    they seem clean in the place of use( thats our place) they are not

    to be truthful nothing can be non polluting if designed in the last
    few centuries.
    in facts plastics can be recycled and reused. and so can paper.

    recycling is the watchword in environmental friendly lives.
  • -Hi

    the birthday baby is Swetha jeevan(earlier)sampath
    in my opinion one of the greatest experts on the cholas.

    wish she gets connected to the net fast and start participating.


    anbudan / sps
  • Dear sps,
    Thank u.
  • I agree.
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

    Any input/output if exceeds a critical limit, becomes poison or
    pollution. Moderation in consumption and output is the watch word.

    Recycling can be done effectively if segregation is done at the
    collection stage itself. The electronic industry has taken the lead in
    this, as many are ready to take back the goods for recycling and safe


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