Adam's Bridge or Ramar Paalam
  • Dear All, First of all very sorry for my late reply. Since I was
    continuously out of station I couldn't reply in time.

    I thank Mr.Udhankar for introducing me to this group. He asked me to
    discuss about the formation of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Nangavaram
    (Great Nicobar) and Adam's bridge to this group.

    Let me come to the latter issue first - Adam's bridge.
    After a short discussion with Udhankar I went through the details about the
    Adam's bridge (Ram Sethu). I found an article by Ms.Vandana published in
    People's Democracy which addresses all our doubts. Then I decided that it'll
    be worthy to give the article as such here. Some of you may not agree with
    the political/ideological criticism mentioned in that article but apart from
    that I feel the scientific evidence cited in it is very fair and correct.
    please go through the following article.

    *Ram Sethu And Sethusamudram Project*


    DUSTED out of the attic, 144 year old project first envisaged by Commander A
    D Taylor of the Indian Marine in 1860, Sethusamudram Ship canal project
    (SSCP) has evoked mixed reaction. Seen as an opportunity for development by
    attracting cargo vessels to ports in the Eastern Coast, particularly
    Tuticorin port, the project is viewed by some as long over due. Others
    citing various environmental issues as well as that the project would become
    uneconomical due to large scale sedimentation witnessed in this region of
    ocean consider it as uneconomical. In the midst of the debate a new twist
    has been smuggled in by the BJP and the Sangh Parivar to communalise the
    issue. Alleging that the move for dismantling of the Ram Setu, a natural
    shoals in the region called Adams Bridge, 'is the conspiracy of Congress,
    the Left and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam', Mr Ashok Singal, president of VHP
    issued a threat of agitations by VHP and BJP if the project is not stopped
    forth with.

    In fact the project was claimed to be the handy work of almost all the
    parties in TN. AIADMKof Ms J Jayalalitha, MDMK of Shri V Gopalasamy, DMK of
    Shri M Karunanidhi each claimed credit for bringing the project to TN and
    ushering in development. Until recently even BJP too was in the bandwagon
    saying that it was during the last NDA regime that the project was given a
    go ahead.

    Pegged at about Rs.2,250 crores cost, the Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project
    (SSCP) aims at dredging the shallow ocean and crating an artificial canal
    that could provide passage to draft ships and cargo containers. SSCP will
    link the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay in the southeastern coast of India. The
    total length of SSCP would be about 260 km, covering Palk Bay, Adam's bridge
    and Gulf of Mannar regions. The project envisages dredging a width of 300
    meters of this stretch to provide a continuous navigable route cut through
    Adam's Bridge, a natural chain of shoals to avoid circumnavigating Sri
    Lanka. The canal will have an average depth of 12 metres enabling 10,000 to
    12,000 GRT (gross registered ton) vessels to pass through. At present for
    the ships to port at Tuticorin, they have to go around Sri Lanka cruising
    additional 360 miles and wasting about 36 hrs.

    Right from the day the project was inaugurated it has witnessed hostility
    from various quarters. Opposition ranged from much anticipated 'no
    development' environmentalists, inevitable unhealthy political opposition
    for the sake of stealing the thunder out of the ruling party and
    dispassionate scientific scepticism that cautioned about the potential mass
    sedimentation in the region and fragile eco-system in the region. While it
    is important to address the genuine concerns and find a balanced development
    path that meets the need of short term immediate needs of the people of the
    locality as well as long term sustainability, frivolous opposition is
    injurious to development and rational public debates on developmental

    BJP and the Sangh parivar have once again come off its true colours. The aim
    is not to engage in rational debate on policy. The threat of agitation, sans
    stoppage of the SSCP, is not based on rational scientific studies or
    concerns arising out of it. Rather, the opposition stems from communal
    agenda, 'the SSCP would disturb and destroy the bridge built by Lord Ram,
    mythical Ram Sethu of Ramayana' being the sole issue.

    To buttress their ludicrous claim they have once again resurrected false and
    forged story circulated by the Sangh Parivar earlier. Sangh Parivar
    affiliated news services stated in 1992 that US agency's space borne cameras
    had discovered the remains of the mythical bridge built by Rama across the
    Palk Strait. Further it is asserted that the NASA had concluded that the
    bridge to be man-made from the 'bridge´s unique curvature and composition by
    age'. Arguing that the legends as well as archaeological studies reveal that
    the first signs of human inhabitants in Sri Lanka date back to the primitive
    age, about 1,750,000 years ago and the bridge´s age is also almost
    equivalent. As Rama's rein was to have taken place during tredha yuga (more
    than 1,700,000 years ago) and the alleged age of the 'bridge' match. The
    SSCP would disturb this 'historical' and 'holy' structure. This in essence
    is the claim of Sangh Parivar.

    Uncritically citing this news that appeared in the Internet sites
    sympathetic to Sangh Parivar, PTI had reported the same. As the news was
    catchy, the media uncritically lapped it. Soon however the media woke-up to
    the fraud when the matter was verified with NASA. Writing in Hindustan Times
    on October 17, 2002, its Washington correspondent S Rajagopalan wrote that
    'NASA poured cold water on the claims' citing NASA official Mark Hess
    categorically stated that 'Remote sensing images or photographs from orbit
    cannot provide direct information about the origin or age of a chain of
    islands, and certainly cannot determine whether humans were involved in
    producing any of the patterns seen'. NASA distanced itself from the story
    and stated that it made no claims whatsoever regarding the age or nature of
    the shoals in the region.

    One wonders why Sangh Parivar had to take recourse to NASA's images wh
  • hi,

    Infrastructure plays a very important role in the economic progress
    of the nation. No country can think of economic progress &
    development without the development of efficient infrastructure.
    Especially in age of globalisation where international goods &
    commodities are to be transported from one country to the other,
    efficient infrastructure is the key to the success.

    Sometimes in order to win some you need to loose some, even it were
    the bridge constructed by rama, cant it make way for growth - for
    heavens sake there are a million others sites / temples which could
    do with all this help ( if they could just get some of these high
    flying politicians to go down and sweep all the goat shit and bat
    droppings from the dehilapidated madapams, rama would be better
    served). I quote Singapore's Minster mentor mr Lee in his interview
    on channel newsasia during 2006 - " politics is not about populism,
    politics is about governance".

    Shipping tonnage handled by Major Indian Ports in 2002 is 62,24000
    (Gross Registered Tonnage) while the world average by major ports is
    18,65,04,700. Conservative estimates state that India has about
    300,000 seamen which puts her only behind the Philippines, China and
    Japan. But despite this most indian business suffer from short
    sightedness of our beaurocarzy -

    The approx cost of transhipping containers for major ports in the
    region compared to say chennai is below

    Singapore ( sgd 115+115)
    Colombo Usd 92
    Port Kelang Usd 72
    Chennai Usd 38!!!

    Yet, chennai as a t/s hub is still a distant dream - this despite
    privatisation - proves that its not just cost, efficeincy of
    operations etc that drive the business - but infrastructure and fore
    thought...while our governments thought of building ports to tackle
    current demand ( which due to red tape led the the port projects
    getting delayed by so long) that by the time they came online the
    capacity was already over stretched. Whereas the governments of
    srilanka, singapore and malaysia thought ahead and built for growth.
    Take below gross stats and summarise for yourself.

    PSA Singapore has 47 container berths and 134 quay cranes at its
    four terminals:
    Brani Terminal, Keppel Terminal, Tanjong Pagar Terminal and Pasir
    Panjang Terminal. Annual capacity to 32 million TEUs.

    Malaysia,Port klang
    North port - three terminals, 10 berths, 24 gantry cranes, 4.6 mill
    West port - three terminals, 9 berths, 24 gantry cranes, 6 mill teus

    Colombo three terminals, 12 berths, 30 quay cranes 2.5 mill teus,

    Compare to above chennai was ranked 99th in 2005
    5 berths, 7 quay cranes, 829,307 TEUs in 2006 - one terminal (
    second terminal has just been awared to PSA ) and ennore terminal
    proposal has still not taken off

    Rank Port Country TEUs(000s)[1] +/- from 2004 % change from 2004

    1 Singapore Singapore 23,192 1,863 8.73
    2 Hong Kong People's Republic of India 22,427 443 2.02
    3 Shanghai People's Republic of China 18,084 3,527 24.23
    4 Shenzhen People's Republic of China 16,197 2,582 18.96
    5 Busan South Korea 11,843 413 3.61
    6 Kaohsiung Taiwan (Republic of China) 9,471 0 0.00
    7 Rotterdam Netherlands 9,287 1,006 12.15
    8 Hamburg Germany 8,088 1,085 15.49
    9 Dubai United Arab Emirates 7,619 1,190 18.51
    10 Los Angeles United States of America 7,485 164 2.24

    To lighten up

    The worlds largest ship- It the Eiffel tower was laid on its side it
    could easily be carried on board viking.htm

    The worlds largest container ship 1/Emma%
  • Dear friends,

    It is worth discussing if we have anything more concrete on this.
    While discussing also we ensure harmoney among group members and
    national interity is our priority along with Desa Bakthi..

    The latest is ASI has modified certain mentions to mytholigical data
    in its affadavit to SC... Madam Soniayji did intervene in helping
    finalising the Affidavit.
  • Now the government has withdrawn both the affidavits and the hearing is
    postponed to Jan 1st week. Till then, hopefully, the palam is safe.

    I have given below excerpts from a statement released by Sri Sri
    Ravishankar yesterday. It is relevant for our group, as it relates to


    Sri Sri Ravishankar denounces Centre's affidavit on Ram Sethu
    Bangalore, Sep 13: Renowned spiritual leader and founder of the Art of
    Living Foundation Sri Sri Ravi Shankar today denounced the Centre's
    affidavit before the Supreme Court on the Ram Sethu issue stating that
    there was no historical evidence to establish existence of Sri Ram.

    In a statement issued from Germany, Sri Sri Ravishankar said that
    ''Ramayana and Mahabharata are called Itihasas. Itihas means it
    happened. This means that Sri Ram did exist as recorded in the Ramayana.
    The ancient seers had made clear distinction between Puranas and
    Itihasas. Puranas are mythological, symbolic stories and Itihasas are
    that which actually happened''.

    He said one could not dismiss Sri Ram as a mythological character just
    because a lot of miracles were reported in his life and there are no
    scientific evidences to prove them. ''There were unproven miracles in
    the lives of the religious figures of other faiths'' he said adding ''if
    we dismiss Sri Ram as fictitious character, then we have to dismiss all
    the miracles in the lives of Jesus, Moses and Mohammed as myths'' he
  • Hi all,

    If we need scienetic evidence, then how to prove that

    1)Jesus died on Friday and came back alive on Sunday

    2)Jesus was born to Virgin Mary

    3)Various miracles shown as happened in "Quran"

    Probabily if the govt touches such emotional issues
    with other religions, it will be dubbed as the govt
    playing with minority's sentiments and rights and if
    the govt does it with "Hinduism" it will be portrayed
    as "secular" govt
  • Mr.Sampath not allowed to me discuss what was our plan on adams
    bridge 37 km - 500 width and 50 meters depth. when people start
    directly comment, witho out our objectives of finding pn
    archealogical studies on the particular sites with the help of there
    own machineries.

    Now under the court directions ,ASi and other 3rd parties going to do
    the same.

    My intrest was that, missing land our sangam's period.
    I respect our ancestors says

    please click for entire studies witjhout any report on archealogical
    studies from the sethu project

    funny of the government and our great scholors are that they never
    pointed out and applied for archealogical studies on particular area
    with the culture department.

    according to the public government should do every thing.
    according to the government public should pointing out the scenorio
  • Dear mr. Balasubramani,

    I agree it is a golden opportunity to undertake a study when dredging is
    done, costly equipment is made available, divers are provided, and you
    have chance to collect samples of dredged material. If you remember, my
    objection was the reference email from Dr. N. Ganesan you had appended
    to your message (18947). If that message is the reference for study,
    then the study needs to be questioned. If you had mentioned about your
    project, without quoting the message, I would not have responded.

    Lot of water has flowed since then; I hope your programme proceeds as
    per schedule and yields valuable data. The Sethu is a political dynamite
    and delhi bosses will exert great pressure to get the answers they want.

    Both in case of Rama Sethu and Ayodhya, the ASI has not followed true
    scientific spirit.

    Fortunately, our forum is free from politics and contentious issues.
    This is not the right place to discuss such issues.

  • As much as I trust and believe in Rama and Ramayana, I do not believe in the Ramar palam proclaimed as now the original. I believe the real Lanka during the Ravana time is under water. This may sound blasphemous to many who hear, but I believe the currentl Lanka was also a part of the Bharatha Maha kandam as to thousands of centuries ago.
    The lanka taked by Ramayana is a harcode island, far off from the tip of southern India.

    Why I believe so...

    Lanka, Ravana's land, viewable only by Sampati from the mountain top. Even angada who can jump 2000 yojanas would not be able to reach the island and it was possible only by Maruthi who could do atleast 8000 yojanas in one leap. Going by this standard alone, either the land mass between the ends where the monkey's stood and Lanka is totally not visible. I am sure people who have visited Danush kodi will feel other wise on the view part.

    A cue to be taken from Thirupugazh, in a song about Kathir Kamam(which belonged to a part of the Skanda territory hence the great temples of Kandi and Kathir kamam).
    Uduka thugil vendum is a brilliant song about Kathirkamam.
    The 2nd half of verses say, Kudakku sila thuthar theduga.. (go to the southern most tip until to find Her) was the command from Sugreeva, hence start forth Hanuman Angada , Jambhavan etc, Hanuman ends up finding her and burning lanka... while his return journey, he takes a break at Manikka gangai and seeks the Blessing of the Lord who stands there in a formless entity (documented in Kathirkamam too) and the Lord of all battles between G vs E to prepare for the great War.

    After his tail was on fire and the lankan army after him, he could not have rested inside Lanka to do this bath and prayer. Defies logic.

    Going back into Ramayana: Ravana possesed the moola bala sainya which was the greatest demon army ever, housed under his kingdom. That was not going to be yoked until Ravana cannot handle the opponent. That army , was in center of the universe under the core of our earth, which I do not believe to be current Lanka.

    The only thing I can support to protect the 'bridge' is to prevent the natural structure of the place.
  • -Hi

    I can be termed a neutral secularist though I am a very devout hindu.

    whether rama built the bridge or not, its enshrined in the hearts of
    lets not question the beleifs of the other religions EXCEPT when it
    involves taxpayers money.
    does the govt check up on the history of mohammed the prophet before
    subsidising the haj trip for lakhs of people?
  • we are trying to give archealogical evidence of our anicent
    litreatures on kapaadapuram,pakruliaru and kadal konda thennadu of
    pandya kingdom.

    all ready on coastal from alagarkulam to musiri plenty of evidents
    are aviliable on archealogical studies.

    i am allready in touch with R.Madivanan,Micheldonino,Ponnambalm
    raghupathy ,velu pillai,Prof.Nachimuthu,Mr.Adiyaman marine
    archealogy tanjore university,Silatripathy NIOT Goa ,Alok tripathi
    cheif of Indian marine archealogy,Mr.santhana gopalan IAs,
    R.Balakrishnan IAS and other scholors who are trying on
    archealogical evidence for our our draviadan civilization .

    As a part of kalingatamil relations since pandiyan period with
    karvela (ist century BC),we from orissa trying our level best to
    find evidence not only from tamilnadu but also with srilankan
    friends and scholors on kadal konda thennadu.
  • Tere are two questions to point
    a. What really is Adam's bridge or Sethu samuthram.
    b. Existance of Rama (as churned up and cleverly subsided by the Congress itself).

    Question a, may be easy to prove, even by pointers in Hindu epics, forget delving into archealogy.

    Question b, is definitely and clearly NOT related to question a. The truthful answer to question B in today's world is better hidden than discovered. Once the real discovery starts, it can possibly hint on confusing the state of minds who are not geared to understand the reality of Ram. One should start with the ancestors of Rama and the rules and conquers and mairrages and clans of them. Raghuvansha ruled for most of europe to end of asia. So where was Rama born ? Who are we ? What do u mean by India ?
    I would be interested in seeing where all we look for answers, after all one should look only where one lost their keys... That is not in Sethu project...

    This maps to the cluster of warring lords and the other thread of 'One country' so called Bharat.

    Congress in its usual ignorance stirred a hornet's nest not knowing the impact. Let the war begin and let the Lord begin his rule :-)
  • Dear venkat

    Nice one. Bala sir, ric, if your study fails to turn up material
    evidence ..what would the government do, does it man the bridge was
    never built, rama never existed. this is where the government missed
    the wood for the trees....the question today is adams bridge built
    by the correct line of thought is to check if this is a
    man made structure or not. end of discussions, unfortunately this
    has got mixed up due to a diahorea of words and constipation of
    ideas at the highest levels.

    For the sake of growth, for economic prosperity of the country...for
    a larger good, small sacrifices need to be made. after all we are
    talking of a structure that is submerged and in a location where
    hardly anyone can visit .....for all the people shouting rama namam
    from their roof tops, why dont you first start going to temples
    regularly, reading religious texts, learn to recite hymns....first
    understand what is turely hindusim and if in deed you want to
    protect your heritage, go to a nearby temple and clean the bat
    dropping and goat shit...give some oil to light the lamp etc etc.
    let your children learn to respect elders and our tradition ....
    hinduism will be better served.
  • Mail posted By Our Dr.T.satyamurthy sir In Temple cleaners group
    cut copy paste for our friends

    Ramar Sethu and ASI

    I had the opportunity to be an Archaeologist in Archaeological Survey
    of India since 1970, and recently retired and would like to bring out
    the following facts about Ramar Sethu Issue. To my knowledge no
    archaeological expedition of any type either on Shore or off shore
    was conducted to document the facts about the Ramar Sethu Bridge.
    Neither there is any official publication on the type of Remains

    I was shocked to see the Affidavit filed by ASI in the Apex Court. It
    was based on secondary resources from some other Agency. None of
    Archaeologists, especially my old colleagues could have gone to that
    level to file a casual Affidavit in the highest court of the country.
    To my solace, now it is learnt that the officials involved both are
    not Archaeologists but Administrative Officers. One is an Assistant
    Director and another is Director Administration. The latter is from
    Indian Revenue Service and entered the Survey on Deputation few
    months back and bypassed the Senior Archaeologists of ASI and
    misinformed the Apex Court. The decline of the standard of ASI is not
    a sudden one, but for the past two decades Archaeologist is not
    allowed to head it. Due to some flaw in the Central Recruitment Rules
    amended during 1980s, no Archaeologist is made eligible to be the
    Director General and IAS personnel lead it one by one with out even
    basic knowledge on History or Archaeology.

    They represent the Nation in many International Bodies like UNESCO on
    Archaeological matters and misrepresent the facts many times. This
    time due to sensitivity of the Subject they were trapped in the Apex
    Court. No Governement including BJP ever attempted to post a
    technical DGA. We hope atleast now the Government will wake up to
    restore the lost glory of the Survey.


    Superintending Archaeologist (Rtd), ASI,

    26/43, Janakiraman Street, West Mambalam

  • Hi bala sir,
    This might be of interest to you:

    Call for papers
    Theme : Flood Stories, Lost Lands and Drowned Continents
  • Thanks vijay

    Really wonderful information for my studies.I am keeping on
    collecting information & books on the same subject.

    you are proved your self

    kamaban veetu ------kavipaadum

    please give more information on Dr.Kalayanasundaram, who is still
    resource person on tamil webfriends.

    in our group, if any one is native place belongs to coastal of
    between Nangur to thondi . please contact me through mail

    s.balasubramani B+
  • The letter by Dr.T.Satyamurthy appeared in today's Indian Express in letters
    to editor column as a special boxed matter.

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