Trivia about kalki
  • Hi

    its always said most writers need to think like the hero of the book
    or one step more create a hero out of himself( or atleast what he
    fantasises about)

    there's one more tidbit to think similary of kalki.
    kalki's father ramasamy iyer resided in puthamangalam and was often
    called ponnu iyer and was the karnam or village officer of the
    manalmedu village.
    his house was called ponniyer veedu.
    perhaps kalki twisted ponnuvin selvan to ponniyin selvan.
  • hi venkat

    nice deduction...but its hard to swallow that the entire storyline on
    arulmozhi being saved from drowning/saved by OOmai rani/ponni river,
    and called ponniyin fiction. again kalki rules.
  • -Hi Vijay
    perhaps kalki thought of the novel's name first and to provide a
    justification did that "child overboard" incident.
  • Did River Kaveri actually called as Ponni?
  • yes and thats why the rice grown in that region gets its name as
  • Could be one of the names of Kaveri....

    In Kalingathu Parani, Jayamkondar sings on many valorous Chola kings
    earlier to Kulothunga I, when he sings on Karikalan, he
    mentions 'Thozuthu mannare karaiSei ponniyil....'.

    May be, because she makes the land 'Pon viLayira bhoomi' and hence
    got her name....

  • read this on the glorious ponni

    pon sidari maNi koNarndu karai mEl sindi pulam paranda nilam
    parakkum Ponni"
    is how Sri Tirumangai Mannan speaks appreciatively of the bounties
    brings Emperuman as offering.
    For good measure, he reiterates this in the Pullamboothankudi
    "minnu sOdi nava maNiyum vEyin mutthum sAmarayum
    ponnum Ponni koNarndu alaikkum Pullamboothankudi tAnE"
    All the nine types of precious gems, fragrant wood like Sandal and
    Agil, the
    purest of pearls originating from tall shoots of bamboo, thick,
    fragrant and
    delicious honey acquired from constant association with bees, the
    pearly white
    tusks of elephants who fell into the river-these are some of the
    tributes the
    Cauvery lovingly submits at the feet of the Lord at Srirangam,
    according to Sri
  • Hi all

    one mail about kalki sure does spur on a lot of activity in our group.

    I am working on a bio of kalki and find so many co incidences between
    his charecters and himself.

    kalki also had an elder sister( actually his father's first wife's
    daughter). she was 10 years elder to kalki.
    this sis was one who brought up kalki in a big house hold.
    I could find shades of kunthavai and arumoli in these siblings or is
    it the other way about?
  • Venkat Sir,

    Being a majorly fiction PS, i guess there will be lot of influences
    from the authors life in his writings.

    Also, you will be able to tell us better about this from your experiences
    as a fiction author.
  • Hi
    some more trivia on kalki

    have you people seen bhakyaraj's sundarakandam with banupriya.
    bhakyaraj is a school teacher and a self styled intellectual.
    on his nuptial night he will aks her to fetch a book from the rack-
    one he wants to discuss with the girl of his dreams.
    and she fetches a big fat oxford dictionary.
    he ralises to his shock that she is illiterate.
    the same thing happened earlier to kalki,

    to shri. Krishnamurthy writing was more than a passion. To him it was
    his life.
    A fortnight after his marriage Krishnamurthy discovered to his shock
    that his wife was illiterate.
    But knowing the social conditions that prevailed in that time he took
    it in his stride. He even offered to teach his newly wed wife the
    abilities to read.
    However she made an effort of her own and with the children of the
    neighbourhood as her teachers managed to master the rudiments of
    reading tamil. It was not long before she like other thousands of
    fans could enjoy the writings of her spouse.

  • Venkat Sir,

    Guess you are giving a preview of the biography.
    It will be a real pleasure to read about the life of one's favorite
    author. I will grab the book as soon as it gets released.
  • Ponni valley 2010 the big temple would complete a
    1000 years of existence....thanks to efforts of the greatest king of unbroken tradition of service to shiva for 1000
    years....what an achievement...we should be talking of kaveri valley
    civilisation more

  • Hi

    points of debate

    Ponni valley civilisation....

    rather the delta civilisation

    .thanks to efforts of the greatest king
    > india..

    rahul would debate this point on whether rrc was the greatest

    an unbroken tradition of service to shiva for 1000
    > years..

    i doubt it.
    the temple was all but abandoned for lots of time. first it lost its
    glory son after rrc's death

    and the big source of income to the tanjore serfoji dynasty as told
    by them in court was the bat excreta falling there.

    and it was the british archeologist who found rrc was involved. till
    very late it was thought it was karikalan who built it.

    ..what an achievement...we should be talking of kaveri
    > civilisation more
    > vj
    > --- In, "Vijay Kumar .S"
  • Do we Worship Cauvery as Deity in the Delta Districts?

    And I agree with Rahul ..

    RRC should be the ONE among the Greatest ..

    And Vijay .. that 1000th year of Commemoration .. we brought this
    to light of ASI and all in 2006 itself ( big temple construction
    commenced in 1006 )...

    Let us see whether something can be done before 2010 ..

    Nice that (y)our attention is drawn ..

    Venkat, that Visiting Card - Miracle anology superb ..

  • hi rahul,

    i strongly object to the comparison of these greats to the
    portrayal in 23rd pulikesi....its impossible to spread to false
    propaganda across the length and breadth of south east asia and
    china....some of these are not just plain visits but devastation of
    entire cities /ending do you explain malaysia,
    indonesia / vietnam and china bearing witness to the rise of chola
    power...documented proofs interms of court transcripts exist..not
    much has been done to explore these and find the connnection.

    you state part of RRC life is shrouded in mystery...its still
    undiscovered doesnt mean that it was a dark secret or something. and
    what are we doing towards uncovering this....the signs are all
    there..both of him and rjc..someday they will be out in the open.
    hopefully soon
  • Dear vijay
    youy cannot preach to the converted theres historic evidence That RJC conquered bengal and theres even a offshoot tamil bengali line which stems from his generals and soldiers who decided to stay behind!! This is accepted and even taught in bengali books...

    next thing Rahul will say Kadaram Konda Cholan means he got his precious jewels from Kadaram....oops are there kalvettus and epigraphic and archeaological evidence...there that must be a poet or sculpturere trying to impress a king 1000 miles across the sea....(Kidding Rahul!!!)

    Kind reagrds

  • Hi Sri
    long time no see!
    Hi Sps
    can we put a few thing in concrete numbers

    lets forget the first chola empire.

    starting from vijayalaya to the fading away of the cholas in 1275 or
    so how many kings ruled in the dynasty?

    taking into account all types of evidence including poetry, legends
    and edicts who has the biggest bulk of evidences.
    rrc, rjc or may even be kulothunga??

    can you please explain this?

    lets --- In, sridhar rathinam
  • Dear Venkat
    Yes was on aholiday in Italy....and hectic deadlines to catch
    Kind regards
  • hi venkat

    i saw a file in the files section titled geneology of the
    cholas>>>21 kings from 848 ad to 1279
    ..vijayala cholan to rajendra cholan 3. we can build on it
  • some intersting blogs on the fall of srivijaya

    Some inscriptions
  • Hi,

    I feel,it is better to trim the unwanted portion while
    replying to the mail.

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