SS in Sun TV
  • Hi Friends,

    I read an article about Sivagamiyin Sabatham serial in
    Sun TV. Neengalum padiyungalen.

    See attached image.
  • Enna... Nondhutteengalaa?

    What do you think about these type of misuses (the movie Parthiban
    kanavu and the serial Sivagamiyin sabatham which are not at all
    relavant to it's originals) of historical titles?

    I feel after some time, people may forget the original novels and
    will remember only the movie story on referring PK or SS in future.
    It may become barrier in creating interest in history and culture to
    the younger generation.

    Share your thoughts.
  • S... I too agree with Kamal's opinion... Even when I saw a poster carrying title PK, I felt the same...

    I wonder, whether there is any possibility to stop such things... Aren't there any copywrights for such titles.... Any body having knowledge in this area, please clarify...

    Regds / Suji
  • Hi,

    I don't think we can restrict these. Enendraal,
    Kalkiyin ella padaippukalum naattudaimai aakkappattu
    vittathu. So, there is no copyright. Yaarum sontham
    kondaada mudiyaathu. That is one of the reasons we can
    have online version of PS.
  • Dear Kamal & Jana
    I share your sentiments but unfortunately we cant do anything about it..because Kalki has relaesed the copyright.

    I dont think any number of people doing stiries with the same can have the impact of Kaklis many people have used shakespeares plays and titles but that hasnt affected the respect we have for the original isnt it.

    Its a disgrace people resort to such means for a quickbuck but nevertheless dont worry Kalkis fame will last

  • Dear all...

    >Its a disgrace people resort to such means for a quickbuck but nevertheless
    >dont worry Kalkis fame will last

    You're darn right about that, Sri.

    I'd better give out the names of the characters crowding in the group photo
    in our home page.:-)

    Standing (from left to right):
    Naganandhi Adigal, Paranjyothi, Arulmozhi Varman, Kundhavai Devi,
    VandhiyathEvan, Maamallar, Sivagami

    Sitting (left to right): Poonghuzhali, Gundodharan, Aazwarkadiyan, Nandhini,

    I needn't tell you who's sitting on the chair, of course.:-)
  • Sneha-va heroine-aa pOttaa entha title vENaa vechukattum;-)

  • I came home for lunch late today, and god! happened to see one episode of the mega "sivagamiyin sabadham". yechchchchch!!!!!!!!
    onnumey solrathuku illa. title card mattum bayangaramana font-la graphics-la varudhu. Apala rommba galeeja keedhu (Kabali tutorials vaathiyar Krupa transfer pannuvar tamil-la, in case u need).
  • Kashtam ....

    Thalaiyil Kai Vaithu amarndhuvitta .. Suji

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