Varalaaru website ready
  • I've created a homepage for varalaaru and uploaded in PS-Varalaaru sec.
    However, for the benifit of other PS members, I've also uploaded the site
    in the following URL:

    The sole purpose of creating this was to show the site to Dr.Kalaikovan
    during our visit - provided you guys like the site.

    The site requires Murasu anjal to be installed on the system.

    It is designed in such a way that it will be easy to maintain. Those who
    want to participate in further activities of varalaaru - please register in
    PS-Varalaaru section.
  • Dear Gokul
    Well done tHat was an impressive admirable effort

    Just a few suggestions
    Should we be called
    Ponniyin Selvan Yahoo group or
    Yahoo Group: Ponniyin Selvan
    Or Just Ponniyin Selvan e-Group
    ( In the future we we grow out of Yahoo and have our own space and domain)

    1.Is it Pathikapadatha Padangal or Paadangal as it says in the site.

    2.the contents register etc should be in tamil and hyperlinked I agree with Kamal >> isnt looking too impressive.

    3. I think there should be a welcome message or concept theme saying welcome to Varalaru....and breifly stae about the centre and magazine somewhere in the centre..and all the activities and otheres near it

    4.XXX patriya thagaval can be avoided by just hyperlinking the name.

    5.any reason you chose gangaikondacholapuram as opposed to periyakoil in the backgroud

    6the colour layout is good

    I ll think of the rest later


  • Dear all...

    G...The varalaaru website looks nice. I'm yet to read it through- I can't
    decipher the Thamizh characters (we're shifting home, so my system is in a
    mess). Great job.

    Sri...I shall give out the answers, but what about the newbies- Jana,
    Sujatha, Vanathi et al...??? Hey you guys, pitch in. (even if you happen to
    be super-fast about your guesses). I'll wait for a day or two before I let
    it out. (some people did hit the nail on the head, though).

    My 'theertha yaathirai', as its been called, has been well-publicised, I
    see. Ah, well. Princesses always are in the news.

    And it was one helluva trip.:-)
  • hello gokul,

    nice work..

    1) can we try to have a "tamil research sites" or some section like that, where we can link to other sites like us.. (ofcourse with projectmadurai as the fore-runner)

    2) footer where rajamanickar centre for research address is listed, is a bit heavy.. probably can we accomodate that in "About us" section..

    3) probably can convert the top menu(s) "research centre, varalaru... " etc into tamil, if we expect our target audience to know tamil, to use our site..

    4) what abt having the "Contents" menu in the right hand side.. if we start having more items in the future, we might utilise a few more lines.. since varalaru image & kalki's photo are always going to be present in the Left side..

    etho ennal mudintha sila kuzhappangal...


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