who went the farthest?
  • Hi
    can we tabulate the travels of the Tamil kings.
    who according to legend went what distance?

    how many reached the himalayas?
    how many crossed the ganges/
    how many went to the far east lands?

    all these may be legends or facts but first we need to list them .
  • Hi Venkatesh,

    Just now I remember, isn't Madan himself mentions Rajendran in his
    Vandarkal Vendrarkal as during
    Rajendran's northern conquest he narrowly misses Timur(or one of the many
  • undoubtedly rajendran travelled the farthest.
    but befiore him a dozen claim titles with places in the north
    lets list them.

    venketesh--- In ponniyinselvan@yahoogroups.com, "sivaram
  • hi;
    just a question ignorant though it may seem. The concept of Lord Shiva's
    abode being Kailas has been there for centuries even before Rajendra. Now
    Kailasam has been described as a snow capped mountain (i hope im right). For
    this concept to have originated somebody long before Rajendra must have gone
    and viewed the Himalayas and then he or she must have been inspired to
    elaborate on this concept. I dont think there are any snow capped mountains
    uptil Shimla, right?
    When exactly did this concept originate and who first bought it to light?
  • hi rahul
    not ignorant but a question that has puzzled people

    nobody in tamil nadu in those days could have seen ice or snow(
    except for hail storms)

    how did thy know of a snow covered hill?

    and of recent i had the luck of seeing a rare video of the inner
    parikrama of kailas taken by a goan boy.
    the main mount has caves carved in it just like ajantha ellora.
    people must have lived on the hill in better climates.

  • ravanan and agathiya too
  • In the preface to his novel "Raja Thilagam" Sandilyan
    says that Raja Simha Pallavan built a temple for the
    Chinese on request.

    I guess the Pallavars had contacts in the far east,
    travelled and cultured those countries first.
  • I wonder how Madhan justifies his views. Doesn't the presence of ports like
    Thondi signify that the kings of that era had contacts with other countries?
    Upon regularly trading with one country like China one of our kings must
    surely have piad a visit to his most valuable customer. Even though the
    goods have changed the mentality of the trader still remains the same.
    I have read that Indian steel called "Ukku steel" was very famous during
    that era. These swords werre much sought after in Persia and much of Europe.
    The sword forgers were based in Thanjavur, Madurai, etc. The Sword of Tipu
    Sultan is supposed to be a great example of Ukku Steel expertise. I have
    read that we have been leaders in steel from the 3rd century till about
    17th-18th century before the British. Now we're slowly becoming leaders
    again after loosing ground during the 18th and 19th centuries.
    Doesn't all this say that kings of Southern India had regularly travelled
    abroad for trade and conquests?
  • yes prior to chola ,pallava,chera and pandyas are having regular
    connected with southeast asia up to compodia.
    recently one buddist scholer whom i met in bhubaneswar explains
    their trade acivities in 6th century, even orissa palur was famous
    those period.

  • Upon regularly trading with one country like China one of our kings
    must surely have piad a visit to his most valuable customer. Even
    though the goods have changed the mentality of the trader still
    remains the same.

    What kind of trade does TN had with China?
  • Hi

    I think madan was talking about conquests. not trade.
    he was also propably talking about a himalayan stone for kannagi
    statue and ganges water for consecratin of temples.

    regarding meeting invaders from central asia and afganistan

    these are the approximate dates of the invaders in india

    1008: Mahmud defeats the Rajput Confederacy (Ujjain, Gwalior,
    Kalinjar, Kannauj, Delhi, and Ajmer) and captures the Shahi treasury
    at Kangra in the Punjab Hill States.

    1192-97 delhi- Gujarat fell to Muhammad Ghori's armies

    1394. Timur entered Delhi and the city was sacked, destroyed, and
    left in a mass of ruins
  • Both are more than Pointers, Dr. Jaybee Ayya.

    Studded with informations .. and hard work.

    Thank you so much for guiding. regards / sps
  • Hello everyone,

    I'm not very knowledgeable, but if I may add a little piece of information
    to this interesting thread: I have read
    that one of the 18 siddhas, Bogar, is supposed to have travelled to China
    and that he is revered and prayed to there,
    but probably under a different name.
  • Just a thought why Madan could have said tamil kings history is not worth
    Nobody in the world will refute if some one says that Alexander conquered
    the world.
    Similarly the Muslim conquest too has a solid written proof. But if he takes
    tamil kings
    as a subject of his books, if he talks about Chola history, about the
    conquest the kings made,
    there will be huge protest from Madurai (this is just for an example I am
    saying), and if
    talk about Pandyas, then there will protest about that from Thanjavur.

    May he is just trying to avoid those controversies.

    Also all, I have once contacted him with one of my mail id, shall I try to
    contact him
    about this? or may be I could invite him to our group. What say???
  • Dear SB Sir
    I beg to differ its not an individuals opinion but an opinion with a wide reach...I think as a group we have to challenge him in his own forum
    Lets not talk about Ariya padai kadantha ...or Imayavaramban and Karikal Chozhan...

    But about RRC and RJC
  • -Right

    and the reach he has in ananda vikadan and the name he has asa
    history writer would carry great coverage.

    madan generalised fact and fiction.we could segregate it and wrirte
    to his forum.

    first can sps tell us the outer most border of the empire during rrc
    and rjcs time.
  • Dear SPS sir,
    I��m a very silent observer of this group and enjoy the discussions and topics which are
    brought in here. Being living in Germany and not very good in computers I am not able to do a lot like others offer.

    To this topic who went farthest I happen to remember in Mahabaratha that a Pandya and
    Chola king travelled upto Kurushektra to take part in the war between Pandavas and Kauravas. Infact there is a small footnote about with whic��h valour the panadya king fought
    against the Kauravas.
  • For your kind attention

    Apart from south indian inscription ,epigrapica indica how many
    volumes related to tamil history published so for?

    Historians writing based on the old recards only, not on the new
    findings on so many inscription on stone and copper plates due to
    urbanisation,destroyal of forests,mass infrastructure projects in
    india for the last few years.

    at mysore lot of stone & copper plateinscriptions are lying with
    epigraphy department for editing.

    according to my field studies and intraction with various
    epigraphists and museum people,and my personal experience with ex
    rulers family and old village people, still 50% of real history not
    revealed so for .

    utterkasi was a dream place for all south indians from kings,rishis
    to poor people on those days.

    rishigesh is a entry place for all shivalaya kings .

    every one accepting that there is a missing link in our past?

    why not our group will try on some thing which possible due to our
    communication network.

    we are always try to comment on other version,why dont us try to give
    new version on this subject.

    I feel our network is highly litreated group. using our friends
    circle on primary source of history field ,is it possible from our

    following is the one more example from my side

    The rule of the Somavamsis in Kosala collapsed by the invasion of
    Rajendra Chola in 1022 A.D. and after that the territory came under
    the rule of the Telugu Cholas. In 1038 A.D. Vajrahasta V of Ganga
    dynasty became powerful in Parlakhemundi region and after the death
    of Rajendra Chola in 1044 A.D. he assumed independence and occupied
    the hilly territory including Koraput and Kalahandi.

    another surpraise is that Lankeshwari temple at junagarh in the
    sonepur region when it was ruled by the last somavamsi monarches and
    later on by the telugu cholas.in the historic period rajendra chola
    1012-1044 Ad had conquered cylon according to the thirumala rock
    inscriptions issued in his 13th year 1024 ad.

    Rajendra cholans group under general palavaroyan defeated and killed
    indraratha the somavamsiking of kosala region at adinagar.
    it might have been possible that the deity lankeshwari was brought
    to orissa during thistime as the chola army occupied the area and
    administrated the system of entire region.

    in the epigraphic records telugu cholas described as
    karikalavalavan , cholakula kamalakalita vikasa bhaskarah ( the sun
    who makes the lotus bud of cholakula bloom) kaverinatha,
    dinakarakulanandanah (scion of solor dynasty), sakala kosaladhiswara,
    varaurapura adhisvara (lord of uraiyur)

    allready i started touch with my history congress and archeological
    friends to get more information on this regards.

    arangasami from gopi who is a researcher on inscriptions in tamilnadu
    assured me to send more information on this issue

    s.balasubramani B+
    Bhubaneswar orissa

    Reference material for your discussion















  • Hi

    while examining who went so far we should also see who came so far.

    the first I would think on an organised invasion was pulikesi

    can SPS tell us whether present day vathapi is?

    pulikesi's son kalki tells us went up to nelveli and was defeated by

    amongst the muslims malik kafur and ulugh khan( later tuklak) came
    between 1312-1322

    then after the collapse of the vijayanagar it was a free for all.
    mughals, rajputs, maratas have ruled senji
    chatrapathi sivaji came as far as chennai.

    and the europeans in tamilnadu. dutch, danish, portugese, french,
    a wide plethora of invaders indeed.
  • chatrapathi sivaji came as far as chennai.


    I thought that Sivaji came till Thanjavur, and I remember being told
    like that when I went to thanjavur museum.

    And also after Pandiya's fall, most of tamil nadu were not under native
    rulers (i mean
    Nayakas, maratas and others) right. It is amazing Tamil and the people of
    the land survived
    all those years.

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