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  • Dear Scholarly members,

    I have a small doubt lingering in my mind. Right from my childhood i have been enticed by history.
    But due to fate or whatever it may be, i had to study computers and seek an IT job. Now im working for a software firm in B'lore. But if you people ask if this job has given me satisfaction, i wud say no. But money , yes.
    But nowadays, i feel that maybe i have taken the wrong decision in my life.
    Now, i think i want to study history, research on it, involve in excavations and fulfill my life's desire and ambition.I dont want money, for heaven's sake. If at all i get. i shd be able to use it for something related to temples and history. All i want to know is, is it possible for me to puruse history, maybe studies on Archaelogy, do research, get into ASI and do something close to my heart. Members like P.S.Sriraman can help me out in this.
  • hi

    posting after long time.

    Madan expressed similar view, like that of Mr Chandramouli, last
    weekend at Mahabalipuram.

    i agree with SPS views. Even a formal degree is not required.
    people in other profesions had do just one thing:

    Find time to read. Forget IT once you leave office. Forget office
    once you leave office. Shut down your mobiles once you leave office.

    Then take up the study of historical recods. Visit monumnets.
    Understand and appreciate our rich cultural heritage.

  • Dear Mouli

    > Dear Scholarly members,

    I am not a scholar but I wish to share my opinion. I fully appreciate
    your interest and understand your agony. All I would say is that you
    can do your job and still do full justice to your deep interest in
    history - wherever you are, whatever you may do for the sake of living.

    More over, being a software professional with deep rooted interest in
    history, you can contribute in unique ways where traditional
    historians may not be able to contribute (using IT). This is
    badly required in the present condition. You can become the vital
    bridge between history/culture and technology.

    All the best
  • Dear Mouli
    Gokul is being modest the missing link is Gokul as a software pro he helped digitalise and recreate the bigtemple murals with ASI
    Gokul Kamalkannan and SB(not sure if Lavanya) all have a MPhil in histrory He has authored Rajakesari a historic novel but doesnt call himself a scholar
  • Yahoo Gokul!!! Congrats buddy
  • Hi:
    Thanks sir, it's an interesting point of view. I would
    love to shut off my mobile phone the minute I leave
  • mouli,
    u can directly go for M.A in history and all universities offer corres courses.Be it an open uni or distance education,the choice is yours.Instant admission,i mean , spot admission is done.
  • SPS sir

    when i said no for a meet. i am always avilable.
  • Dear all

    > Yahoo Gokul!!! Congrats buddy

    Thanks to all kudos. Nothing would have been possible without constant
    encouragement and participation of ps group members. This is the most
    interesting facet of net groups: you will find members who share your
    interests & fancies with equal enthusiasm.

    A very busy, successful and well known builder who knows chola lands
    by street names, An ASI expert who almost instantly answers all
    relevant questions, a senior surgon from UK who finds time to answer
    your mails, a software professional who meets and writes about a
    indo-japanese scholars, a vaasthu consultant who shares your fancies
    about history, a project manager from major IT firm who talks about
    vedas, a PHd student who finds time and spirits to do a PS theme
    calander, travellogue writers, fiction writers, industrialists (just
    to name a few).... wow, what a diverse set ! Such people might be
    hard to find in our other circles.

    So, back to Mouli: You are in the right family ambience. I'm sure you
    will make the most out of it
  • Dear All,

    Thanks for all the responses. Will try to follow these up.
  • May I present myself with a little visiting card.
  • Mr.Sriraman,

    First we need people like you to take us around and explain and open our eyes to the things around us. When I visited dhalavanoor and lakshidhanaya(sorry for the spelling mistake), I sorely felt the need for an expert and people who have taken pains to understand our history and culture on their own interest. The Least I was expecting an board, with information explaining the architecture details, detailed information on the temple and what could have happened to it.

    I hope to join you for other trips, when I am back in India. Strangely I have always felt an urge to pursue a long distance learning program on history.

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