About Rarajan Pallipadai in Junior Vikatan
  • SPS/Venkatesh & all,
    we people constantly saying that udaiyalur pallipdai is not Rajarajan's
    samadhi. But following the deepavali malar it is published in Junior
    vikatan also now saying that

    "Kumbakonam Pateeswaram pakkam irukira udaiyalur enra oorila than
    rajarajan adakkam seiyapatta idam irukiradhu" enroru thagavalai than
    araichiyin moolam sethuraman has announced the world.

    PLease confirm is this true or media is publicising the wrong info to
    the people.

    This has to be taken action immediately as JooVee is vast circulating
    magazine even with people in remote villages as mine.
  • > 4. RRC - atleast after making RjC as Heir - apparent
    > in 1012 AD (both
    > co-ruled for 3 years) - appeared to have become
    > Godly person (Pls go
    > through Archives - Godification of RRC) - assumed
    > the name
    > Sivapathasekaran and his idols were kept and
    > worshipped in the Big
    > Temple even when he was alive and several other
    > temples including
    > Papanasam - after he passed away.

    > 5. Easana Siva Pandithar has installed his OWN IDOL
    > in the big temple
    > - when he was alive ! and several grants were
    > accorded!
    > Means he was kept in very high esteem by RRC as well
    > as RjC!

    Any of these idols still around ?

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