• Hi All,

    I bought a book in the book fair 'Kaalap pEzhaiyum
    Kavidhaich chAviyum' by our CM Kalaignar. It was an
    attempt of writing tamilnadu history chronologically
    in kavidhai format. He wrote in his own style which
    makes the reading easier and enjoyable. It starts from
    Karkaalam and ends with 12th century, the decline of

    The book is available in Poompukaar publications. The
    publisher told that Kalaignar couldnt continue after
    cholas as he became CM then. Surprising point is 4
    chapters are exclusively for Rajaraja. And he gives
    the references also like which theory was taken from
    which book and author.
  • Hi,

    This is what I was exactly looking for and thought of asking it at the
    group. I think I will get this one before the fair ends.
  • Hello everyone,

    This is Anandh and am a new member in this group. I started reading
    Ponniyin Selvan in December last year. The book was so engrossing
    that I finished reading all the volumes within December thanks to
    some sleepless nights. It was a difficult read, as I had to read all
    the volumes from the internet (one drawback of being in USA) - but it
    is worth the pain.

    Kalki's words are amazing and absorbing. Eagerly waiting to read the
    other books of Kalki. I am equally amazed by this active group,
    which is vibrant for many years now.

    I now have a new found interest towards Indian history and have
    started reading the "Colas" by Nilakanta Sastri. It is interesting
    to see public libraries here in US have copies of this book. Now I
    have both the first and second edition - currently reading the first
    edition. I see some difference in the facts w.r.t Uttama Cola
    between this book and PS, may be the second edition will give me a
    clear picture.

    I am interested to know what other books are available about Indian
    history. I will try to collect this book by CM when I visit India.
    Please suggest me on indian historical books.

    Thanks for maintaining such an active group,
  • Hi SPS,

    Can you let me know the total cost of sending such a book to US?

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