Nov issue of launched
  • Dear all

    The new issue of varalaaru has been launched. This issue pays tribute
    to the master painter Silpi. We discussed about him in this group as
    well some time ago.

    Pl read the articles and share your opinions
  • Hi,

    Some great news to all Silpi lovers. I understand that all works of Silpi will be brought out in January by Vikatan group as a book. Not only that Silpi's "Thennattu Selvangal" will be another book to be released by Vikatan group. These releases are likely in January,07.

  • Very good news.

    Once vikatan releases the book, we will project it in varalaaru also.

    But this is just a starting point.

    Silpi at some point of time got out of vikatan and started working in
    bhavan's journal and many other magazines - including dinamani kathir.
    The second task is to scout all those.

    But the very first step has been taken. Great news
  • Dear SPS,

    With the approval of ASI and local authorities, our
    group can do a surface scan using a "metal detector"
    at GKC Puram. What ever that is found can be given to

    It will not cost us lot of money, only some

    Thanks and best regards,
  • And, do not miss the request for all of your help for
    one of the excellent pandya cave temple
    Malaiyadikkurichi (Thevai Vaasagarkal Sevai).
  • What is needed for this temple ?
  • Dear VK,

    As mentioned in the article, the cave temple is not
    maintained properly and roads lead to the cave is also
    not in good condition since it was neither covered by
    ASI/State arch. dept nor HR&CE. Some one/group need to
    adopt that monument for maintenance. I request PSVP or
    Temple cleaners group to give a thought and do the

    Please contact the gurukkal Subramania iyer directly
    (letter to the given address) or through some known
    person living in that region.
  • Dear SPS, Members,

    If the group members can meet periodically in Chennai
    ( once a month ) such activities could be discussed
    and implemented.

    Where, how, who, when ?

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