Arulmozhi Varman (Unique aspects of PS)

    Just thought I could summarize some of the unique features of PS as
    compared to other historic novels written in Tamil -

    * Most of the novels have a big invasion or fighting between 2
    kingdoms as their climax. The entire novel will be moving towards
    this event and the author would have supported one side - portraying
    the other as the evil force. Kalki's own SS is no exception to this.

    But PS is different in this respect - to a careful observer it will
    be evident that the novel does'nt have a climax on its own ! Kalki
    felt that the renunciation of Crown by Arulmizhi was his climax
    (refer his conclusion to the novel) - to many readers it is the
    murder of Aditya - but to me it is neither or both. That is why when
    you finish the novel, you always suffer from a sort of
    dissatisfaction - no other novel can give this feeling - that too at
    the end of 5th volume !

    * Most of the novels have a King or a prince as its hero – but in
    a small, insignificant and noble warrior (Vandhiyathevan) becomes a
    hero. It is interesting to note that Kalki actually wanted Arulmozhi
    to be recognized as a hero in his novel – the name Ponniyin
    selvan is
    derived from him – but an `all perfect' figure he
    portrayed only
    helped to distance readers from Arulmizhi. Moreover the chronology of
    events was also in favour of Vandhiyathevan. It is interesting to
    compare Vandhiyathevan with Paranjothi – who is a character in SS
    Ponnan of Parthiban Kanavu. In SS Paranjothi character is used to
    introduce many characters in the Novel – but the real hero is
    Narasimhavarman. It is certain that Kalki wanted to adopt a similar
    technique but somehow Vandhiyathevan triumphed over his own creator !

    * Usually such long historic stories have to portray some breaks in
    timeline (invariably). For example, in SS the last part happens after
    a gap of 9 years. But PS portrays events continuously for a period of
    6 months. If you trace back carefully, you can actually find out who
    was doing what for almost every day – for a period of 6 months.

    * Probably its portrayal of simultaneous happenings in many many
    places is unique to Tamil historic novel genere. At some point of
    time, he will be detailing different events happening in Srilanka,
    Tanjore, Pazhaiyarai, Kudanthai and Kadambur – and yet –
    with master
    craftsmanship – will link them in a very logical order – as
    move by…

    * Its characterization of people is a well discussed and well
    researched topic

    * This is probably the only novel in which we see almost all kinds of
    love between human beings portrayed –
    - Vandhiyathevan and Kundhavai who are in love with each other since
    their first sight.
    - Poonguzhali's love for Arulmozhi and her compromise to marry
    - Arulmozhi's interest in Poonguzhali and his compromise to marry
    - Vanathi's love towords Arulmizhi
    - Amudhan's love towords Poonguzhali
    - Nandhini's love towords Aditya and her revenge
    - Aditya's love towords Nandhini
    - Parthibendhran's love towords Nandhini
    - Pazhuvettaraiyar's interest in Nandhini
    - Manimekalai's love towords Vandhiyathevan

    Initially I thought of categorizing them (like one sided love, two
    sided love etc) but I find that it is difficult to do – given the
    wide spectrum of relationship kalki portrays

    * PS is perhaps the only novel in which the story is not entirely
    dominated by Hero. Sometimes I think PS has different heros at
    different points of time…
    - In Pallipadai events (Part I) Azvarkadiyan sounds like a hero
    - In Nilavarai and many other occations, ofcourse
    Vandhiyathevan dominates
    - In Part II Arulmozhi dominates in many occasions
    - Sendhan amudhan surprisingly dominates certain portains in
    Part IV and V (During Mandakini escape from Pallakku, when he becomes
    royal heir etc)
    - During the aftermath of floods (Part IV), Pazhuvettaraiyar
    certainly becomes a hero for a chapter or two
    Thus it is close to real life in which different people become heros
    at different points of time.

    * Surprise ! PS seems to have no villains ! (or rather everybody seem
    to have enough justifications) Nandhini might sound like a villi but
    after reading her childhood we understand that there are enough
    reasons behind her abhorrence. Ravidasan ? Soman sambavan ? Remember
    they had vowed to give their life in case they fail to protect their
    leader. But instead they choose to live and take revenge. They
    undergo so many troubles to achieve their goal. Considering the
    cruelty of Pandiya's murder – this can be understood.
    In other words, the negative forces are also portrayed with possible
    realism a writer can bestow upon his characters.

    I initially though of writing a small mail – but this is close to
    becoming an article. I can write many things like this….and yet
    not able to fully portray the heights and depths of this greatest
    historic novel ever written.

    Your comments are welcome.
  • But, nobody can deny the beautiful way in which Arulmozhivarman, has
    been portrayed.
    Infact, his introduction scene, is just as pleasant as it could be.

    He character later gains momentum, and reader expects him to be
    there in current scene all the time.

  • ====================================
    > " ... I initially though(t) of writing a small mail – but this is
    close to
    > becoming an article. I can write many things like this….and yet
    > may not able to fully portray the heights and depths of this greatest
    > historic novel ever written. (REFER BELOW)
    FROM THERE TO RAJAKESARI .. !! (in 3 years ?)
    Anbudan / sps
  • Maybe its just me... but having seen 'Raja raja cholan' - the movie, I could
    only imagine Shivaji whenever the name arulmozhivarman was mentioned in the
    book... which in fact doesnt match the illustrations done by maniam - in
    which arulmozhivarman is always protrayed as a youthful character, of maybe
    16-20 years - which in turn contradicts Kalki's own description of him as
    powerful enough to bring down vvthevan down from a horse...

    why am I ranting?
  • Sivaji Ganesan as Rajarajan ! There cannot be a better Identify.

    ARUMOZHI - Rare tongue - is what Thiruvalangadu Copper plates of
    Rajendra call him of.
    ARULMOZHI - is ALSO NOT WRONG - incription as ARULMOZHI is too found in
    the Thanjavur Big Temple Entrance - Rajrajan Thiruvoil!
    When ARU(L)MOZHI CROWNED UTHAMA (It should have been Thiruvalangadu
    Copper Plates which inspired Kalki !) around 970 AD, he should have
    been youth of say 18 - 20 ? !..
    Because Rajendra participated in Wars from the early Reign of RRC (985
    AD- 1012) Arumozhi should have got married to Vaanathi soon after
    Uthama came to Power (say 970 - 975 ?!).

    Incidentally Dr. Kalaikkovan has recently comeout with EVIDENCE that
    'BHUVANAMDEVI thiruvayirudhiutha RAJENDRA CHOZHA DEVAR .. " - means
    Vanathi was also known as Bhuvanamadevi !

    (Dear Kamal @ adithakarikalan bear with me :: I personally believe it is
    SPS and RjC @ SSS and NOT Karuvarar / RRC - who assumed themselves as
    Sanathana Munivars under the (Lotus) Feet of Lord Siva - as depicted in
    the Big Temple!)

    Dear Madan, now LOOK for a 20 year Old Agressive youth - performing Dual
    role (!?) for ARUMOZHI and Rajendra !

    And Remember this Arumozhi is a Wrestler !
    And a very romantic guy even after became known RRC: Vows not to perform
    JALAKREEDA till he conquers MANYAKETAM (which he does in 1006 - 07 - by
    conquering Sathyashreyan !) ~

    anbudan / sps
  • kalki and maniam were having a serious problem portraying amv.

    face has to show compassion but body must have been like a wrestler or
    a ajaanabahu

    a very odd combination

  • But seriously, very odd combination:) Gentle giant
  • Sorry for replying to the wrong mail... I somehow did not receive/notice SPS
    original reply to me.

    > Dear Madan, now LOOK for a 20 year Old Agressive youth - performing
    > role (!?) for ARUMOZHI and Rajendra !

    Are you asking for a contemporary actor?

    Though I might disagree on the trend of movies he has been doing and though
    he may not be 20, I would say Ajith would be a great fit... he has shown
    that he can do negative and historical roles (asoka). He could also portray
    a younger face, and he is a skilled actor IMHO (In my humble opinion).

    But for raja raja chola alone, I would suggest rajkiran - who is the only
    one with the stature and Khambeeram to do it as of today.

    On the lighter side, Dhanush could do adithya karikalan. He seems to have
    the ill-luck of performing characters that dont suit his looks! ;)

    Another question while on the topic... Prince Charles is 60+ today but he
    still is not 'King'. Is it possible that that during scantily warring times
    the kings had a long life and thier sons got to be King only at some ripe
  • Rajni Ramki has brought this to attention:

    Re Oct issue :: Kamal @ adithakarikalan's article
    related to Japanese ..
    Note: -
    Kamal presiding Chandramukhi 100th days function in Osaka.
    Congrats Dear Kamal !
    Thank you Ramki.

    (For attn of new member : Our member Kamal @ adithakarikalan -
    organised Mudal yathirai - related to PS activities - is in the
    Editorial Bd of

    anbudan / sps
  • Oh! indha vishayam group varaikkum vandhiduchaa!!!

    Thanks to Ramki and SPS.

    I was invited as special guest for Chandramukhi 500th
    day celebrations in Japan organised by Osaka Rajini
    fan club. They honoured me for helping them to
    understand tamil culture and to translate lyrics of
    rajini songs into japanese. Now, i am teaching tamil
    to 4 japanese people. And there are lot of people who
    love tamilnadu and language outside fan club also.
  • Dear Mr.Ramaswamy

    Excellent comments and understanding of characters. Hats off !
  • OH, Naa Paa .. (Naa. Parthasarathy !)

    Poornathilirindhu poonrnathai eduthalum minjuvathu poorname .. !

    How to forget his Kurnjimalar ! and Nithilavalli ..!

    Thanks for brining up. Best regards / sps
  • .....And when you talk of characters, the ones who I, and for that
    matter many among you, would hate the most are in this order:
    vaithiyar magan pinakapani, pallava parthipendran and even kandamaran.

    kandamaaranai pidikkaathaa???

    I am very sad to hear that.

    kandamaran was a much maligned charecter.
    aarva kolaaru more than villanish

    I am sure kalki had bettter things for him but kaalaththin kattayam
    maligned him.
    in one of the later chapters kalki thro the words of another charecter
    says kandamaran is not bad but immature.
    dont we all have incidents in our life which we want to forget.
    incidents that seem so foolish in the retrospective.kanda maranas life
    was like that. and he got punished by fate more than any one else. a
    dead sister, a burnt fort, a dissillusioned outlook and a bleak

    another trivia: thiruvakkarai temple was built ( or rebuilt) by a
    sambuvaraayan king called kanda suuriyan sambuvaraayan. must have
    given kalki the idea of naming the charecter.
  • is really nandhini loved vandiyadevan
  • just as with any girl, you can never be sure! :P
  • Venkat Sir,

    I very well expected this reply from you on seeing Kandhamaran on the hate list.
  • Hari
    If she did not love him, I don't see why
    she spared Vandyadevan even after she knew
    that he knew about the plans of Pandya
    Aabathudavigal. So I think she had a love
    which she could not express but prevented
    her from a decision to execute him.

  • Nandhini loved revenge:)

    Vandiyadevan is a lovely charecter :)a lovable
    personality with his own fumbling way of getting
    around danger.10th century "cool dude":)

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