Happy Birthday to www.varalaru.com 15.08.2006
  • Dear varalaru.com friends

    Happy Birthday to


    Let us promote www.varalaru.com through all the tamilfriends of
    different yahoo groups.

    Dear media friends

    kindly encourage varlaru through all medias whereever we are.

    Silenet Memebers of our group are requested to send their wishes to

    of www.varalaru.com to encourage them to do more and more on their work.

    Best wishes from

    S. Balasubramani B+
  • Dear Balasubramani,

    Thank you so much for the kind wishes and request to
    other members. We would be more than happy if more
    people find it useful. At the same time it would be
    helpful for us to correct ourselves if our mistakes
    are also notified.

    There are both www.varalaru.com and www.varalaaru.com.
    Some people get confused of these two. But nothing
    wrong in that since both are for same purpose of
    providing info related to history to people who need
    it. varalaru.com is managed by Mr.S.Ramachandran, from
    archeology dept. Some members met him in chennai on
    June 4th. He started it long time before us.
    varalaaru.com is run by us which is going to celebrate
    the birthday on 15th.

    Another interesting info is, our beloved friend
    Gokul's son Nikil's birthday is also on the same day.
    Both were born on the same day with 1 or 2 hours
    difference. Gokul had the pleasure of having twins on
    15th Aug 2004. :-)

    Advance wishes to Nikil.
  • Dear Bala
    Thanks for the wishes. Whatever little that is there in varalaaru.com
    was achieved through the well wishes and support of ponniyinselvan
    team as a whole. Hence the credit goes to the whole group.

    Dear kamal : My son was born a day before on Aug 14th. Thanks for the

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