Kundarakudi Temple-Pandyas, RR Inscriptions..
  • Hi team,

    Inspite of job pressures, I got a chance to visit my hometown
    Karaikudi during the recent holidays. On a day to visit Kundarakudi
    temple, I am surprised to know that beside the hilltop, at the ground
    level there is a temple is maintained by ASI where a lot of
    inscriptions belonging to Pandyas, Rajaraja are there.(Infact, I am
    ashamed that I don't this information till then, though I've lived

    The ASI guard Balakumar was mentioning that Nalini Madam and
    Dr.Kalaikovan have read those inscriptions and collected details on

    Beautiful Kuduvari Koil it is.. Precious Stone sculptures..

    Any team members can throw some more light on this temple site..??

    Of course, SP sir, any chance of visiting this temple? If feasible,
    I'd love to accomdate..

    With regards,
  • Dear Raj

    A very detailed study of kundrakkudi temples were undertaken by RMHRC /
    Dr.Kalaikkovan. It is available in varalaaru magazine published by the

    I myself have visited kundrakkudi several years back - and like you
    said - bothered to visit only the hilltop temple.

    Kundrakudi carries the legacy of pandiyan sculptors - like keezhcheval
    patti, thirukkolakkudi, thiruparamkundram and vettuvan koil.

    I studied in karaikudi and am well familiar with the chettinadu area.

    Do you know that pillaiyarpatti is one of the earliest surviving
    temples of tamilnadu ? It goes back to 3rd century !!!
  • Raj,

    KunRaikudi is a great Pandya Cave temple. We have had the fortune of visiting it with Dr. Kalaikkovan and Dr. Nalini. Their work at ThirukOLakudi cave and kunRakkudi cave has been published in the "varalaaru journal (not varalaaru.com). They can be obtained by contacting Dr.Kalaikkovan.

    We were novices when we visited the temple (not that we are experts now, but we posessed 0% knowledge then and we have 0.1% knowledge now) and hence could appreciate the temple only at a miniscule level. I had written abt. that trip to kamal and Gokul. The travelogue is below. You would need TSCII fonts to read the same. A edited version can be read here: http://www.maraththadi.com/article.asp?id=1789
  • Dear Gokul,

    Pillayarpatti dating 3rd Century...??? Interesting.. I am in a wrong
    impression first that it belogs to Narashima Pallava period..Then
    somebody mentioned that it belongs to Pandyas..(is it Venkat sir..?
    not sure!!)

    BTW, G, what supports that it belongs to 3rd century? Is it in the
    same name of Pillayarpatti or Marudheeswaram? (the temple may be
    actually siva temple - Marudheeswarar - Kusalaambal, and at some
    point I think Pillayar might got famous..:-) )

    Interesting to know more..

    With regards,
    (PS: Studied in KKDI?.. Where and when? I did from ACCET).
  • Dear all

    Dr.Jaybee's email raised interesting thoughts in my mind. Shankara
    naarayana form seems to be a very early form of worship - which is a
    surprise to me. I was of the impression that this was an integration
    effort initiated at a later time. I was wrong.

    I always believed that thiruppathi could have been a form of
    shankaranaarayana - based on nammazhvar's "Thazh sadaiyum neel mudiym
    on mazhuvum sakkaramum - soozh aravum ponnanum thondrumal...." a very
    picturisque description of shankara naarayana.
  • Is there any way we can subscribe Varalaru Journal.Am getting
    confused between Varalaaru.Com and Varalaaru Journal.
  • Dear Saminathan/Raj,

    Varalaaru jornal is an annual/bi-annual (depending on editor's convenience) run by Dr. M. Rajamanikkanar Centre for Historical Research. It can be obtained by contacting Dr.Kalaikkovan. Here are the contacts:

    Dr. M. Rajamanikkanar Centre for
    Historical Research
    C-87, 10th Cross,
    Thillai Nagar west,
    Trichirapalli - 620018
    Ph: 0431 2740302 (res)
    0431 2766581 (off)

    The magazine can be obtained by sending a draft in favor of the centre. Pls. contact Dr.Kalaikkovan for the charges that may include the shipment.

    Varalaaru.com is a e-magazine of history, where the contents may not contain 100% research. In its present format the magazine is more of a primer for serious research. Needless to say Dr.Kalaikkovan and Dr.Nalini are among the chief contrubutors and act as guides for the rest of the crew in the editorial board.
  • Thanks Ram.I will get in touch with Dr.kalikovan once i back to
    India on April. Probably i will visit Trichy on April 14 -17,will
    personally meet him,if his time permits.

    Thanks and Regard
  • Dear Gokul
    Thats a very nice peice of Info ...Diwakars thirumalai thirudan makes more sense to me now
    So may be Balaji was Sanakaranarayana
  • Dear all,

    There is a place called Kalugumalai (near Kovilpatti), were there is
    a small hill lock, with Jain carvings and inscriptions of the
    Pandyas time.

    It's a place worth visiting.

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