"The Third EYE" - Kundalini yoga
  • it is one this, there resides 'Aagnya Chakram' of Kundalini yoga. It
    is in 'Puruva Maddhi' or between the eye brows. Maditating on this
    part is belived to give omplete control over once mind.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • RC,

    to my knowledge there are two types of Kunadlini.. one which is
    talked about by our sidhdhars and the other which is talked about by
    vallalar and aurobindo ghosh...

    the first one talked by sidhdhars is situated in moolaadhaaram and
    by practice it has to be moved from the bottom to each chakram step
    by step where the kundalini will stay for some time before moving

    the second as told by vallalar and aurobindo is kundaini which is on
    top of the head.. yes it is said that there is a kundalinin which is
    on top of the head

    vallalar talks extensively about this in "tiruvarutpa".. he says
    that the kundalini will come from above and land in puruvamadhdhi..
    then it will go down in the front part of the body to the
    moolaadhaaram and again will rise through the spinal cord.. it will
    not stay anywhere

    aurobindo ghosh also talks about this only and not the sidhdhar's

    "valluvar karpam 300" a book supposed to be written by tiruvalluvar
    also talks about this..

    that is vallalar says..

    "naatam irandu puruva madhiyil vaithidil
    vaatamum illai manaikkum azhivillai.."
  • Kundalini, is worshiped as a godess, though literal meaning
    is 'Coiled up energy'. May be as energy is Shakthi.

    Lalitha Sahasranam, starts with Kundalini at Muladhara and ends her
    at Sahasraara, on 'Ayiram ithaz konda thamarai poo' on top of the

    'Muladharaika nilaya Brahmagranthi vibhedhini' - Thus says Lalitha

    She opens the Knot of Brahma at Muladhara.

    But, when siddhas say that, it should be correct. But, was it from
    begining or intermediate statement?

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • RC sir,

    Sidhdhar's exactly talk about the same kundalini as told by lalitha
    sahasranamam or the ancient one...

    but aurobindo ghosh and vallalar differ on that...but inspite of
    talking about "aayiram idhazh thamaraipoo' on the head they still
    maintain that the kundalini energy drops from above the
    thamraipoo.... and they say that they have experienced it..

    he says that kundalini is there in "niraadhaara" state.. which is
    quite differen from what sidhdhar's say....

    and vallalar goes on to reiterate that the kundalini shakti which he
    talks about can be easily obtained just by jeevakarunyam....by
    avoiding no veg and other things....

    it might be "chitkundalini" or any other type of kundalini..

    a book called "Vignana bhairavam" also talks extensively
    about "chitkundalini"

    tiruvalluvar also says that jeevakarunyam is the key

    "thaanoon perukkarkku thaanpiridhoon unbaan
    enganam aalum arul"

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