srichakram - 2 - Nataraja
  • I have been once to Kamakur, near Arani.

    Here Nataraja does 'Chaturathandavam'. The position of his feet
    resembles, diagonally half a square. The temple, has an interesting
    incident behind it.

    Until few years back, the temple was closed for visitors, due to
    local cheifs order. Later a school master, organized a campaign and
    the temple was reopened. When I visited the temple, there were many
    localites who accompanied me and other to the temple. And every one
    explained many informations for us. I initlaly thought, they are
    doing it for money. But, finally, right from eldest to youngest none
    accepted even single paise. There were around 50 of them. I
    personally felt ashamed and so cheap to have under estimated them.

    I feel there are two ways to look at a God, one is Anbu and the
    other is Arivu. I prefer , Anbu, Bhakti, as it makes you a child on
    the cradle of almighty. When I start reasoning everything, that are
    beyond my simple human brain, I loose god. Other may feel I am
    wrong, But for me I am correct.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • adhu dhaan sir jyothi ramalinga swami sonnadhum..... ellaa
    uyirgalidamum anbu venum .. jeeva kaarunyame perinbam....
    ellaathileyum anbe vadivamaana sivanai paathaale podhum.... samarasa
    sanmaarga vazhiyil adhuve kondu vittidum...

    "uyirgalidathil anbu venum .. idhu vaazhum muraimaiyadi paappa" -
    bharathiyar sonnadhum adhu dhaan....

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