srichakram - 2
  • There are Mantra rajam, Yantra rajam and Tantra rajam, for Srividhya
    upasana marga.

    Panchadasi is said to be Mantrarajam (many say Shodashi), and
    Srichakra as Yantrarajam.

    Though Adhi Shankarar was Shanmathasthaapakar, there are many,
    including myself, who believe he is a Shaktha. There are reasons for
    this. There is a story that he first chose Srilalitha Sahasranam for
    Bhashya and Godess herself gave him Vishnu Sahasranam for that
    purpose, and told him, that, she has chosen someone else for that
    purpose. He name is Baskarayar. He migrated from north to south and
    stayed near Kumbakonam. There is a place called Baskararayapuram.

    Srichakram, as Venkat said, has predominant nine triangles, and
    which is vital for Nava Avarana Puja. And it is very auspicious to
    perform this puja on a Full Moon day. Especially during Chitra

    These yantras has tendency to full fill wishes. Adhi Shankara, is
    said to have installed Dhana Aakarshana Yantra, at Thirupathi. But
    many say it was Suka Brahmar, the son of Veda Vyasa, who has done
    it. But, the effect is very much visible.

    Srichakra, is gaurded on four gates by Ashtamaasiddhi, one on each
    side of the gate. These siddhis are Anima,Mahima, Lagima, Garima,
    Eshithva, Vashitva, prapti, and pragamya.

    Actually a Shri Chakra has all the gods and goddess in it. There are
    text, that sayd it is Shiva Chakra, if it is placed upside down. So,
    Shiva-Shakthi aikyam. She is Shiva-Shakthi Aikya roopini as per
    Srilalitha Sahasranama.

    Srichakra is the abode of Shiva-shakthi, Vishnu-lakshmi, brahma-
    Vani, and many other innumerable goddess. She is said to be served
    to 64 Crore yoginis. Infact, there are group of Brahmins, who
    challenged Baskararayar on this name. And Baskararayar, worshipped
    goddess and she sat as a Parrot (Brahmasuki) on his shoulders,
    ivisible to others. She started saying the names and characterestic
    of 64 crore yoginis and those group worshipped him and accepted the
    defeat. She is 'Chathushati Koti Yogini Parisevidha'.

    I will write soon more on Srichakram. There may be many members, who
    might know vast and more information. And they can enlighten you

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Dear RC,

    Excellent information.... ivvalavu vishayam irukka

    but what is the significance of the form of the chakram??? i mean
    the shape?? how does it benefit and concentrate all energies???

    any similarity between pyramids and srichakram for i find both have
    lot of triangles...

    there is a place in North karnataka called Hubli which many of us
    are familiar... one striking thing is that many road junctions would
    be in the form of triangle in that place.. i do not know why and
    would there be any impact of that on the functioning and prosperity
    of the town??
  • Dear Rc
    do the earrings of akilandeshwari of thiruvanaika have the engraving of
    the srichakram?
    most places the legends indicate that adi sankara installed the sri
    chakra to soften the stand of a grama devathai with this insignia

    is that true
  • Yes, She was once very ferocious and beyond control, and same with
    Kamakshi, she had even got Narabali. None of the devotees could
    control her. Also Mangadu.

    Adhishakara, confined there energies to Srichakram and made her
    sowmyam. But, I would say, he had begged the divine mother to become
    sowmyam, and Mother promised him not to become fearsome again.

    Even many places even now, happend, when any god or goddess is very
    Ugram, people to perform abhishekam to pacify her. And this Yantra
    prathishtai is also a form of pacifying. It is because, Adhi
    Shankara did it, it is more powerful.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Innum evalavo vishayam irukku, enakkukku therinjathu ivalavuthaan.

    Yes, there are many similarities between Pyraminds and these
    triangles. As pyraminds are said to confine the energy, is it
    belived even koil gopurams are inform of those. But, I am very weak
    on scientific part of this.

    The development of Srichakram is Maha Meru. This Maha Meru, is
    worshipped by Srividhyopasakas, who are very well versed in mantras,
    usually people , who have been given Dheekshai on Shodashi or
    Panchadashi, has adhikaaram to worship Maha Meru and that too after
    thier Guru, gives them a nod.

    Each and every Guru tradition, will be different. And Mantras
    initiated and way of Puja and everything may differ. MahaGanapathi
    and Guru Pathukai is first and then comes others.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • RC,

    my doubt is why are there so many triangles inside the chakram???
    what is the significance of that chakram...

    there was once person called "muthukrishnan" i believe, who used to
    come in TV and talk about srichakram and said that he will help
    people with srichakram ( by taking money ofcourse)... but enge
    ponaarnne theriyalai

    oruvelai srichakram than velaiya avar kitta kaatiduchcho???
  • Irukalam, the upasana is very dangerous too. Gurus say, it is
    like 'Karanam thappina maranam'. Goddess does not care for who the
    sadhaka is, when they do atrocities. When Sadhaka is good, the
    results were amazing, she can grant anything. I will narrate an
    incident, which was told to me by an upasaka.

    There was a Srividhya Upasaka, at Karnataka. He was very initiated
    to `Soubhagya Panchadasi'. It is Panchadasi with Lakshmi Beejam to
    its end.. He recited crores and crores of this manta and Mother
    appeared before him, and he asked for more and more money. But,
    Universal Mother laughed at him and said, he cannot have wealth this
    Janma. So he remembered what Adhishankara did and was initiated to
    sanyaasa, which means he got another Janma. He then asked the
    Universal Mother for wealth. And it seems she poured wealth like
    rain. But, alas he remembered, that he is a sanyasin and cannot
    touch money. Then he started thinking on what he can do with this

    This happened at times when Muslim rulers were invading south. So he
    decided to make use of this money to start an empire. And
    Vijayanagara samraajyam, started this was. The upasaka was called
    Vidhyaranya, and he had been a pontiff, of Sringeri Sharadha peetam.

    May be someone can try this with atmost devotion, and Tamil Nadu,
    can be come house of all fortunes.

    Yes, Srichakram has got lots of triangles, and there is a count and
    I don't remember correctly. The significance of this Chakram is it,
    covers all devatas. There is a book written by Baskararayar
    called `Varivasya rahasyam' that explains this very precisely.
    It explains the link between Mantra/Yantra, and Ganesha, Graha,
    Nakshatra, Yoginis, Rasi and Peetam. She is also called `Ganesha
    Graha Nakshatra Yogini Rasi peeta roopineem'.

    Srividhya is an ocean, there are lots of information, puja, Yantra,
    Mantra, Tantra and Rahasyas in it.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • appadinna bhakthi is a very best method nnu sollunga rather than
    tantra yantra mantram!!!

    regarding triangles i also heard another info...

    the nataraja moorthy is also based on the triangle it seems... there
    are two counts of triangle ( i do not remember the exact count) ..

    Natarajar has to be made in either of the counts...

    sabaiyil irukkum paramabhaktha baagavadhargal dhayavu seidhu sariyaa
    thappaa enru sollavum
  • Yes, They both were not contemporaries. I regret, if my mail meant it,
    by any way.

    Rajendhra Cholan!

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