srichakram - 1
  • En sitrarivukku ettiya sorpathil sila.

    Srichakram is the yantra of Devi Lalitha Parameshwari. It is in line
    with Panchadasakshari Mantra, Sriguru, Lalitha and, Sadhaka.
    Srividhyoupasakas worships, this Yantra as Devi herself.

    Sloka 11 of Soudarya Lahari and, Sloka 'Srichakram Shruthi
    mulakosha..' of Shakthi Mahimana sthotram will eloborate on

    There needs to be a clean heart and external cleanliness for this
    worship. Mostly done by people who have been given a Dheekdha to
    Shrivishya Upaasana marga. It is the source of entire universe or
    belived to be.

    It is the top view of Maha Meru, which can be seen in Devi temples
    eg. Saratha temple near Meenakshi College, and Agathiyar temple near
    pondy bazzar in T.Nagar.

    It acted as a chariot for Devi, on her war against
    Bandaura, 'Shrichakra rahta rooda'

    I will continue on this..

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • oli nindra konangkal onbathum mevi uraibavalE

    abirami anthathi verse 19 line 4

    the form of abirami is said to fit into the shape of the sri chakram

    there is a good version of srichakram near sivakama sundari temple-
    chidambaram .
  • dear Rajendra Cholan,

    thanks for sharing the small info.. awaiting further regarding this..

    also can u explain what is said in 'Srichakram Shruthi
    mulakosha..' ???

    would be grateful ... like to know more about this too...
  • venkatesh sir,

    i was amazed when i saw srichakram for the firs time in sivakami
    amman koil... but later when i started visiting various temples like
    kamakshi temple ,tiruvotriyur , margabandhu temple at virinchipuram
    and others, i saw srichakrams installed in all places

    invariably by adisankarar... what is the significance of installing
    srichakram in amman temples and why was adisankara so hell bent on
    installing the same

    even though there are chakram's for each god like pillaiyar, murugan
    and sivan, why is srichakram given so much importance and why are
    the other chakrams not so prevalent as srichakram???

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