• Lord Venkateshwara, is also belived to be Lord Shiva, as he has

    Lord Venkateshwara is belived to be Shakthi, as his Vahana is Lion.
    You can see this behind Garud Vahana opposite ot him and o the four
    corners of his Sanctum. There are eight lions facing eigth
    But, from correct sources, those Lions are there as a amsam of his
    younger sister, Goddess Durga Devi, to safe gaurd her brother, on
    those once dangerous hills.

    As, 'Kunruirukum idam ellam Kumaran irukkum idam', he is also
    belived to be Murugan.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • sir adhu dhaan andha srikrishna moorthye
    sollittaare..starting "..Aksharaanaam akaaraasmi.." nnu

    ellaarum onnu dhaan sir...ellame arutperumjothi dhaan....

    jothi jothi jothi suyam
    ekajothi ekajothi ekajothi ekajothi
  • Dear Rc
    i am told the lord of thirupathi wears a saree draped as a dhoti on
    many days
    also has vilva archanai some days

    and that there is a lingam somewhere in the sanctum

    confirm please

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