N A M E S - parthasarathy , Bhrahmarandram
  • But, is it not through, eyes, that the soul departs from the body?

    There is a beautiful scene in 'Kumarasambava' of Mahakavi Kalidas on

    Ordered by Indra, Manmatha, will come around the ashrama, where
    Great Lord Shiva does his penance. Manmatha will wait wait for a
    suitable time, when Godess Parvathi, to be near Great Lord, so that
    he has accomplish his intentions. Mahakavi Kalidasa, will give a
    wonderful description, of Great Lord, the tejas will come out for
    the Brahmarandram, thorugh the skull tied to his matted lock.

    The mental picture of Lord Shiva, on Padmasana with Mahamudhra, will
    be really very enchanting. Atleast for me..

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • to my limited knowledge, the sould departs through Brahmarandhram
    present in the skull...

    it is also called as kabaala moksham... some told me that the
    thengai odaikking on the skull of sanyasi's is to ensure that the
    soul passess through the skull via brahmarandhram.....

    this ensures that there is no rebirth for the soul....
  • In oNbathu vAsal konda udal, Brahmarandram is not included correct?

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • sir very simple...

    brahmarandhram does not open for all... gnanam adainjavanukke brahma
    randhram open aagum...

    for all mortals like us uyir will go out through any of the vaayils
    and that determines what will be the soul in its next birth .. say
    human, dog or other creatures

    for only the enlightened brahmarandhram woud open and the uyir will
    leave through the brahmarandhram and this ensures that the gnani
    will not attain rebirth...
  • I do not think the 'dog in next birth' theory is correct. When we take many
    births to realise God, how can a birth as an animal help in the growth of
    the soul? Animals do not have mind, they have instincts only. Where there is
    no mind, there is no experience. Where there is no experience there is no
    I feel the reverse is correct. an animal can have a quantum jump and become
    a human being in the next birth.
  • Siva,

    I remember a story wherein a person after getting the saabham goes through
    the birth of pig and the same soul is enjoying the nuances of pig's life and
    even when reminded of his duties pertaining to the previous birth, the pig
    replies that it (he) wants to enjoy the pleasures of pig's life.

    indha kadhai ellaam summa uttaalakkadikka alladhu unnmaiyile edhavadhu
    vishayam irukka ?
  • I feel these stories were designed to scare people from messing around,
    something like the pooochchaandi stories we heard as kids. Manu apaprently
    has mentioned the type of birth a person will have for a specific offense.
  • Siva,

    As per Manu smriti, what would be the next birth of sandalwood veerappan ?
  • Muruganandham the Second.
    Sethukkuli Govindhan will be Diwakar the Second.
  • sivakumar,

    what u r talking is evolution.. iam talking about karma vinai...

    my grandma used to say, when one drops the "abhisheka theertham
    (sandhana theertham used for doing abhishekam to salagramam's)" on
    earth, the next janmama the person wud be born as puli(tiger)..

    anyawy i strongly feel that one's present janma karmam will decide
    one's next birth....idhukku per dhaan "praarabhdham".
  • vaazhga pallaandu....

    appo sivakumar will be STF vijayakumar the second???
  • appadinna, veerappan engala vida kammiyaava thappu senjirukkaan
  • "kattadhuraikku indha kaipillaikitta vilaiyaadarathey pozhappa

    "pootungada vandiya..."

    "inikku naana avanaannu oru kai paathudaren..."
  • Has anyone here read books by "T Lobsang Rampa"
    especially "The Third Eye" ?
  • the "third eye" was tranlsated by "Soudhamini" and written as
    thodarkadhai in Bhaghya very long time back.. say min about 10 yrs
  • Yes, I have. Wonderful book, which can prove someof the Yogic power
    like flying etc.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Dhiwakar,

    I was talking about the evolution of every soul. Not Darwin's theory. There
    are only two instances mentioned in the purana where a human being took
    birth as a lower form. I remember one to be a bird and other a deer. In both
    the cases, the person was a rishi.

    Every human being is believed to be an individual soul but a group of
    animals/lower forms have a single group soul. Every human being is
    considered to have come from mineral to microscopic organisms to insects to
    wild animals/birds to domesticated animals/birds to humans. They say
    domesticated animals, by virtue of living with the humans, understand things
    better to be born as human beings. The jump from dom. animals to a human
    being is considered a quantum jump. This is a continuous process - as the
    progress happens, the number of entities involved reduced so that finally a
    group of, say, tigers become ONE human being. This human being too starts as
    an adivasi who live more on instincts and then develops his intellect over a
    few hundred births to reach a state where he starts thinking/exploring about
    after life etc. A few births in that cycle and he achieves a state where he
    does not have to be born again. But, he does not merge with the force that
    is behind everything. It is believed that the journey is infinite as God is
    infinite. The journey will continue in search of higher planes of evolution.

    Looking at our avataaras in this angle, I feel that they are great souls but
    not the ultimate goal. We can consider them the ultimate goal for now
    because we know only upto them.

    If our question is will the minerals we see today become a human being one
    day, the answer is yes. What Darwin mentioned is the physical, external
    thing. This is regarding the force that takes a body for its purpose.

    What I have given about is a gist of my understanding. It is just my theory.
  • sivakumar sir..

    naan edho thenaavatta anuppina mailkku ivvalavu seriousaa bayangara
    vishaya gnanathoda mail anuppirukkenga..aana enakku dhaan
    puriyalai... inime unga kitta pesaradhukke romba bayamaa irukku
    sir ....

    but anyway whether god plays dice or not ngradhu theriyaadhu sir

    aana onnu idhuvaraikkum ippadi dhaan nadandhu.. so inimelum ippadi
    dhaan nadakkum nnu mudivu kattardhu saathiyamaanu theriyalai!!!
  • diwakar bayandhudaadheenga.
    siva sir, summa anga inga search panni, cut/paste panni oru kalavaiyaa

    Siva - idhukkae kanna kaatudhey
  • muruganandam avargale

    sivakumar sir oruvelai software engineer aa iruppaaro...

    to my knowledge a software engineer's keyboard would have the
    following keys thenju poi

    CTRL ,X, C, V

    because they only use the control keys in conjunction with the above
  • pinreenga ponga ...

    full form la irukkeenga... endha pakkam ball pottaalum six
    parakkumnnu sollunga..
  • Siva,

    I am viewing Dasavatharam as some sort of representation of Evolution

    Matsayavadharam (living organism in water only)
    Koormavadharam (living organism in water / land)
    varaahavadharam (living organism in land)
    narasimhavadharam (combination of lion/man)
    vaamanavadharam (3 ft man)
    parasuramavadharam (angry/ferocious man)
    ramavadharam (full fledged man)
    balaramavadharam (some sort of rude king)
    krishnavadharam (most cunning personality to meet the modern demands)
    Kalkiavadharam ???

    Hope this wud be in your line of thinking too
  • bull's eye diwakar
  • muruganandam avargale...

    nalla ethi vidareenga ennai... idhukke evvalavu per kitta vaanghi
    kattikanumo theriyalai..

    moreover namma swetha madathai niniachaa gadhi kalangudhu....
  • btw, naanum thanjavur thaan
  • idhukku per dhaan "oozhvinai uruthu vandhu ootum " ngradhaa....

    endha pakkam thirumbinaalum ennai gummi edukkareengaley....

    vendaadha aalungalai discotheque la bouncers ngra perla naalu perai
    vittu oru vazhi pannuvaangannu kelvi pattirukken... andha maadhiri
    dhaan irukku..
  • Vanakam muruganantham,

    Enga erukinga...thanjavur la...

    Enna panringa...
  • nenjai nakkareenga muruganandam sir... nenjai nakkareenga.....

    enakkennamo naan tanjai vandhaa oru vazhi panniduveengannu
    thonudhu....krishna krishna krishna krishna
  • idhukku per thaan a.tho. (anbu thollai)
  • I totally agree with you Muruganandam in your view on
    Dasavatharam...Too add more, you can identify from the "Karuvi or
    Ayudham" of each Avathar:

    Matsayavadharam - Living in Water
    Koormavadharam - Adaptability to move to land - Arm development
    varaahavadharam - Live in Land - can move with developed limbs -
    narasimhavadharam - Dominating the land - Carnivorous, Powerful
    Using Nail for attack/defense as prime weapon
    vaamanavadharam - A young Human - With Umberalla - Human
    evolution starting to live in Shelters

    parasuramavadharam - Human start using tools - Axe -prime weapon
    to find their food/defend themselves

    ramavadharam - More sophisticated weapon - Bow and arrow - Can
    attack/defend from certain safer distance - the great findings of
    Human(no other animal does this)

    balaramavadharam - More cultured Human - with Plough - Settling
    with agriculture - Human turning softer

    krishnavadharam - Human Mind more cultured to enjoy Music -
    Flute - more of present day Human activites -with goods and bads

    Kalkiavadharam ??? - with Horse - Probably Human who can reach the
    speed of celestical objects..?? Or travel to Celestical objects..??

    With regards,
  • sir
    idhenna saadharana vishayamaa???

    this is equal to one Ph.d. Aaraaichi

    so henceforth mr. raj and mr.muruganandam be called

    munaivar thiru raj avargal, munaivar thiru murugananadm avargal..

    awarded on behalf of PS university
  • -
    dear raj

    i think kalki avatharam means a man who can destroy the earth

    dont we have that power from august 6-9, 1945??????????

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