C H I D A M B A R A M - Kirumi Kand Chozhan - Chitrakutam
  • There are lot of confusions on this.

    Present day Hampi, is said to be Kishkinta. So if, Sita Devi had
    been abducted by Ravana, then It logically hold good, when Rama, as
    instructed by Jatayu, walks down south via Hampi, partners with
    Sugreevan and slays Ravana. According to this Citrakutam should be
    in North.

    But, Rama has performed 'Tharpanam' for Jatayu at Vaidheeshwaran
    Koil. So, the fight between Jatayu and Ravana may have been near
    this town. And this holy town is still south of Kishkinta/Hampi,
    could not be where Jatayu was slain. Or did Rama perform 'Tharpanam'
    at some other day like Mahalaya Paksham?

    Rajendhra Cholan!

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