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  • If this is the case, can we discuss, what all the Prose, poetry
    or/and Subjects we would recommend, a normal Tamil medium student to

    Can we have a healthy discussion on this?

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • i think this is the right way...

    but why shud we restrict this to tamil medium students alone??? this has to be recommended for all students irrespective of medium....

    tamil medium students matttum rendaam thara kudimakkalaa naam solvadhai ellaam ketpadharkku????
  • Neengal solvathai parthal, Solvathai ketkiravargalellam irandaam
    thara kudimakkala? illai?

    I will never mean that, and never meant that. I love to see a Tamil
    society, Engum Thamizh and ethilum Thamizh. Yes, I ama fanatic.
    Other may have different view or ambition, and may also think I am
    stupid, But, I am least bothered. My vision is clear and I am
    adamant. I care the damn, even If I loose upholding this motive.

    For me Tamil medium, is formost. Now a days, is sutdied only by
    people who are economically backward. May be I can provice another
    reasons, but, It is a shame to mention. As character needs to be
    moulded at this tender age. It needs a special emphasis, on our
    culture, history, tradition and Pride. IT is next to impossible to
    change the sylabuss, for the schools, can there be any alternative
    method? Yes, There can be. How about conducting Competitions for the
    school students?. We can, none of the schools will say 'No'. For
    this, as we are not going to charge them anything.

    I am planning one in a month or two. May be, if interested, you can
    lend me a helping hand. :o)

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • appappa.... enna oru "Arachchinam"!!!! vazhthukkal!!!

    ennaal iyanra udhavi ungalukku kandippaagha undu...
  • Mikka Nanri...!

    Rajendhra Cholan!

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