PreDecimal Coins of India
  • This is specially for the young persons.
    This is nothing to do with RajaRaja:-)

    Dear Boys and Girls,

    You would have heard about Rupees, annas, paisa, thuttu, thambidi,
    salli, etc.
    You would have known that they were some coins. But not all of you
    would have seen them.

    Now, for your sake, I have scanned the Rupee, Anna, Thuttu,
    Paisa/Thambidi/Salli series and have uploaded them in the following URL.

    I have also written a very comprehensive write-up for the series.

    Geocities has a bad reputation of making web-pages disappear.

    So, if you are interested, its better to download them and save them up.


    Perhaps you can show your children and grand children.
    And when you do so, dont forget to mention this old man JayBee who in
    his rather ripe years and ailments, bends himself to select the coins,
    scan, and upload one after another for several hours.

    Its worth it.

    Because its all for you, young people - the future generation.


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