Cholan Kaandhan and Shervaraayan!
  • Manumekai mentions that, Cholan Kaandhan, a Chola king, was responsible for bringing Cauvery nadhi from Kudamalainaadu to Thamizhnaadu.

    When I visited Yecaud recently, I went to Shervaraayan temple. The temple priest, mentioned that, Shervaraayan, is a incarnation of Vishnu, responsible for briging Cauvery form

    Kudamalai naadu to Thamizhnaadu. Shervaraayan, is married to Cauvery at this place. The temple, is entrance to a Cave, belived to lead to Coorg and is 450 Km in length.

    My understanding is, usually, Kings are belived to be incarnation of Vishnu, as said by SriKrishna in Bhagavat Geeta. Even Kalingathu Parani, hails Kulothunga Chola, as

    incarnation of Krishna, "Irul muzhuthum agatrum vidhukulathtthon devi....aalilayil avathariththaan avane meel".

    Will there be any relationship between Kaandhan Cholan, and Shervaraayan?
    The Shervaraayan temple, is belived to be 2000 years old, but, Kaandhan Cholan, was a contemporary to Parashuraama.

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