Kadaara pOr and Vadanattu pOr of Rajendhra Cholan!
  • This is to answer Sridhar's question.

    According, 'Thennaattu pOrkaLangal', Rajendhra's march towards north, was on 1022-23 and his Kadaaram invasion was in 1025.
  • Dear Rajendra
    thank you very much.....PS sangam theerthu vaika mudiyatha kelviyai thani nabarai theertha tharumiye sorry rajendrare neevir vaazhga

    Just a thought....
    Rajendra goes on his vadanattu thigvijayam....sees the invasions and effects of islamic invasions ...they do not cross swords

    But he understands Kadaram is under threat of conversion and sends an army to stop and counter it

    I am imagining too much
    Am I not

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