Narasimha Pallavan's body gaurd!
  • Just adjacent to the Lion cave in Maamallapuram is a small temple. The name of the presiding diety is not know but it is belived to be the Gaurdian Diety of Narasimha Pallavan, the Maamallan.

    The temple is just a small hut with a asbestos ( Spelling? ) roof. It is the belief of the local people that it is his gaurdian deity.

    I don't know why, but I belive it is the fact.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Guardian deities are usually housed within the capital city - well
    within the range of the main palace so that kings can worship every
    day. Consider nisumbha sudhani of thanjai.

    So I am not sure about this deity near pulik kugai in mamallapuram
    which was a famous sea port in pallava times.
  • This temple is towards the right hand side to the tiger caves, if we stand facing it.

    I am more than 100% sure, that is the gaurdian deity of Maamalla, but the reason may be unbelievable, and hence I am not disclosing it.

    Because, I know people have muliple opinions about the this reason, and hence I am apprehensive to disclose it.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Hi,

    I hope the members of this group are learned and
    highly evolved individuals.

    People might have different opinions and it should be
    welcome in a group such as ours.

    Please go ahead and send your thoughts. Let us discuss
    it openly. Even if there is a faint truth in it, it is
    good to bring it about to the public rather than
    burying it to the oblivion.

    My grand father asked me a question when I was a kid.
    He asked me to find out the name of the Kalinga king
    that was defeated by the great Ashoka. He said that he
    knew it and asked me to search for it in text books. I
    couldn't and my history teacher even could not find
    it. Days passed by and he passed away. Till this day,
    I have not resolved this puzzle.

    So please bring your hidden knowledge to the open
    forum and dont hesitate to accept reviews. Take it
  • Thanks!

    The reason is 'Marul'.

    The word 'Marul' has so many meanings in immortal Tamil. And I am using it here in one of the aptest tense. Hope many would have got the meaning in which I am using it.

    I strongly believe in this but also agree there are 'mirages', but I honour others views on this.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • 'Sami mudi mel varuthal'

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