Rajendhra Cholan and Gazni..!
  • "vikaramaveerar chakkara kottamum"

    This Chakarakottam is north of present days Vishakappttanam.

    "kaamidai valaiiya naamanaik konamum
    venchinaveerar pancha palliyum
    paasadaip pazhana maasuni desamum"

    NaamanaikOnam, Panchapalli, Paasuni desam is near this Chakkarakottam.

    Ottaradesam is present Orissa.

    Thandapuththi war is after crossing the Ganges, over the elephants.

    Thakkana laadam, is inbetween Bengal and Bihar.

    On Uttaralaadam, This may be the one on Bengal or Gujarat.

    On Great Rajendhra Chola's Meeikeerthi, as Entire victories are in northen direction will the 'Mathurai madalam', mean his victory over Pandyas?

    If 'Yes', why was his victories over Chalukyas and Cheras, not mentioned here?

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Dear Rajendhra Cholan,

    Which Rajendra's meikeerthi is this? It is not Rajendra - I 's. His
    meikeerthi starts with 'Thiru manni valara iru nila madandhaiyum...'.

    It should be Rajendra - II or III or some other kings.
  • And more over, Rajendra - I kku paandiyarai venRa perumaiyee kidaiyaadhu.
    Because, Pandya kingdom was already under him.
  • It is on Rajendhra - I.

    None other has gone upto, Ganges, other than the first. Infact there is also another meeikeerthi that indicates his victory over Kadaram.

    Infact Raja Raja Chola, has two. ' Thirumagal pola...'. and 'Kandalur chalai ..'.

    I guess, they accompalish a task and have a meikeerthi.

    By the way, your response was faster than a bullet, I did not even return to my inbox and I found your reply before that..

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Poor Rajendhra!

    His father deprived him of that fame..

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Rajaraja didn't have 2 meikeerthis. 'Thirumagal pola' is the only one
    meikeerthi he had. 'Kandalur chalai' is the second line. Every year the
    meikeerthi grows by appending that year's victories.

    The given text of Rajendra - I 's meikeerthi is from the middle. First few
    lines are missing. The first line is 'Thirumanni valara...'.
  • Then I guess, even 'Alaikadal neduvul palakalam seluththi' must also be that of Rajendhra II or III. or it is in middle of Rajendhra I's meikeerthi, right?

    My understanding is, the meikeerthi is added or created after a great accomplishment. Gaingai kondathu oru maaperum seyal ( I may have used word inccorectly here) athepol kadaaram kondathum.

    I think, I can expect a good response from all other members too, on this for debate and lets go on to Rajendhra's expendition towards Sindhu.

    Rajendhra Cholan!

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