• Re Kabaleeswarar temple panguni peruvizha refer :

    - re progm details.

    Some more Interesting aspects are :

    Purusha mirugam vahanam - ydy (thursday)

    Tirugnanasambandar - poombavai resurrection : 26.03 Monday
    09 - 11. evening also.

    Arubathumoovar : 26.03 Tuesday

    Uma worshipping siva as mayil : 27.03 WED 630 pm

    Re PURUSHA MIRUGAM :: recall Vijay's mail :

    dated: 27.8.2007

    interesting read

    I would like to recount to you, dear reader, how the purushamriga
    was brought to earth. The purushamriga is a rishi, a sage with the
    body of a lion and a human face. This composite mythological being
    was called a sphinx in ancient Greece and Egypt.

    Five kings, brothers, known as the Pancha Pandavas, ruled
    Indraprastha. For the prosperity of their kingdom they wished to
    perform the Rajasuya Yajna, the royal Vedic sacrifice. To seek
    divine support for the performance of this ritual, one of the
    brothers, the hero Bhima, went to ask the help of Kubera, the
    guardian deity of the North. In Kubera's garden he met the divine
    being, the purushamriga, or human-beast, whom he invited to guard
    and attend the Rajasuya Yajna. Challenging Bhima, the purushamriga
    agreed to attend. Being a staunch worshipper of Lord Shiva he
    insisted Bhima must go before him without halting, without
    disturbing his meditation. If Bhima failed, the purushamriga would
    eat him. Although Bhima was a great athlete, the purushamriga
    quickly neared him.

    Lord Krishna had given Bhima magical stones which, when thrown over
    his shoulder, became Shiva temples. The purushamriga worshipped
    Shiva before following Bhima. Thus throwing the stones one by one,
    Bhima reached Indraprastha. But just before he could cross into his
    kingdom, the purushamriga caught one of his feet. .........


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