VARAHA - Rudhra was also worshipped as Varaha !!
  • The Sri Rudram mentions Siva Rudrasya Beshajee. Ie Siva is medicine for Rudra meaning siva is the alternate for Rudra which expalins the fire and light concept of Siva and Rudra.

    six months back was in Puri. On seeing the moortis i understood what Dr R.N was repeatedly saying.

    Balarama, white snake, yogi, jogi is equivalant to Shiva the yogi, Krishna, Jagannaatha the protector, the two forms of agni, Maya the illussion who is also a part of jagannatha, his sister.

    Balarama is the Fire, Krishan ( though meaning dark) is the other side, Subadra the maya who separates our understanding that they are the one and the same.

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