Literacy in Pre-Buddhist India (before 600 BC)
  • Literacy in pre-Buddhist India (before 600

    Please find my collection of papers on
    literacy in Pre-Buddhist India

    Before mature phase of Indus valley
    civilization (before 2600 BC)

    There are some potters marks
    but none qualify as full writing

    Indus valley civilization (2600 BC to 1900

    The reconfirmation
    and reinforcement of the Indus script thesis (very logical and self
    explanatory paper)

    reintroduction of the lost manuscript hypothesis (the case for this thesis
    has obviously become much stronger in the recent past)

    Post-Harappan India (1600 BC to 600 BC)

    Literacy in
    post-Harappan india (obviously literacy in post-Harappan India existed in
    certain pockets & were limited to very small sections of society- alphabetic
    scripts were brought from West Asia and the Indus script also continued –
    this a very logical and self-explanatory paper and anyone can cross-verify
    the conclusions)

    Sujay Rao Mandavilli
  • Does the brahmin community has any relation to the ancient arabs/muslims in
    West Asia as even the Fourth Veda i.e. Atharvana has lot of similirities to
    the hymns recited in the mosques/madarasas ? Can you throw some light on this?


  • Hi Sujay,

    Can you send PDF format?

    Where are you located?
  • Hi Venakteswaran,

    for which paper do you want the pdf format? you can download from scribd directly. i am based out of Bangalore but for a few days i am in Chennai.

  • Hi Sujay,


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