En Sarithiram - Remembering Tamil Thaatha - A question
  • I have read En Sarithiram few years ago and it was indeed a riveting read. I enjoyed reading about his childhood education at his Guru's home, Eg: waiting for the first flowers in his Guru's garden so that he can tell the Guru the good news!
    I read with sadness the way the ignorant people threw or burnt away the precious palm leaf manuscripts, without giving it to him. He waited for hours at the riverside secretly to collect the manuscripts that had been thrown away!

    Thanks to Sankaranarayan for informing book is available in Tamilvu.

    After reading the book, a thought struck me, which has disturbed me ever since.

    In the book, at various places, he mentions various people he met in his life (other than his parents/teachers). He thanks some of them and others he mentions gratifyingly. However, he never ever mentions his wife except once when describing his wedding.

    This was a lady who looked after him and his family throughout his life. He was able to go away on his search for the palm leaves because of her. One might say that his wife was not relevant to the story he was telling. However, he mentions his children, people he met on the road, et al. who had nothing to do with the literary story. I feel his wife deserved a thanks or at least a grateful mention in his book. I cannot understand why he didn't do it.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? As fans of U.Ve.Sa and the book, I hope some of you will be able to share your views!


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