Samanarmalai Stone Inscription
  • Iravatham Mahadevan reinterprets Samanarmalai stone Inscription discovered last year
  • How many years it took to build Tanjore big temple?
  • " ... Ayam (spelt ay-am) means a "pool or mountain spring". The deep natural pool at Pechipallam (Fig.2) found near the cave seems to be the one mentioned in the inscription. It is significant that this pool is presently known as Pechipallam, as pallam "hollow or pit" is a synonym for ayam (Tamil Lexicon), and Pechi (from Peychi) is perhaps a reference to the yakshis found among the Jaina sculptures... '

    The inscription is perhaps the oldest (found so far )..

    thanks for sharing dear Gokul.

    also PEYCHI.... makes me recall
    PEYTHOZHILATTI .. reference by Dr. Kalaikkovan - w r t Siva's daughter !!??

    PECHIAMMAN worship in major parts of TN may also be worth exploring.

    anbudan - sps


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