Srirangam Temple Vaiyali Festival Unique celebration
  • SrirangamTempleVaiyali Festival Unique celebration

    Srirangam vaiyali. the unique
    kind ofcelebrationlord rengantha rides his horse with a galloping
    manner very nice to see. The ritual,
    falling on the eighth day of the ‘Irapaththu’ of the Vaikunta Ekadasi festival. Namperumal was brought from Sandhanu Mandapam
    in Kuthirai Vaganam (Horse Vehicle), which was followed by Vaiyali
    Kandarulal. The Pragaram (inner
    Circuit) is full of sand. The Namperumal go around the  Manalveli (Sand) from left to right and across the prakaram. This is
    very beautiful and unique festival of this temple.

    Visit and watch the virtual
    darshan of this festival

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