Request for Information - Gangaikonda Cholapuram, Nearby historical places
  • Dear All

    We are planning a visit to Gangai Konda Cholapuram on coming Sunday 6th January 2013. We are from Puducherry going there by Motor Cycle, we also visit Melaikadambur temple.

    Any suggestion regarding more nearby temple or any Historical place you may know.

    Our way Puducherry -Cuddalore -Vadalur- Meensurti- Gangaikonda Cholapuram

    expecting suggestions

    thanks in advance

  • Dear Friend,
    Temple near Melakadambur are Oomampuliyur,Kaanaatampuliyur.These are Devaram Hymns Temple more than 1500 year old.Since you are going to Melakadambur go to these temple very famous and good enough to view.If you have time go to Kattumannargudi sivan temple very worth to visit were you find inscriptions about person name who killed AdityaKarikala elder brother of Rajarajachola.
  • Thirupananthal temple is very old temple you also visit that temple.
    that is from kumbakonam to 20 km
  • Dear friend,

    Visit to these temples nearby Melakadambur Siva Temple.

    1.Oomampuliyur Sivan Temple.
    2.Kaanaatampuliyur Sivan Temple.
    3.Thirunaaraiyur Sivan Temple.
    4.Cuddalore-Thirupaadripuliyur Sivan Temple.

    These temples are more than 1500 years old with historical backgrounds and also Devaram Hymns
    temples.If you have time visit to Kattumannargudi sivan temple also called as Udayarkudi sivan
  • Did you see kadambur palace ? where is that ?
  • --- In, Srijanani G wrote:
    > Did you see kadambur palace ? where is that ?


    But several years back..
    i have seen foundations of huge structures near Kadambur lake...

    Kadambur is of two portions.. : Keezha (Eastern) Kadambur
    and Mela (Western) Kadambur...

    Famous amirtha kadeswarar (Kulothunga - chariot type well decorated structure - our Kadambur Vijay has been making frequent mentions on these ) and Rajendra's War-trophy bronze of Dancing Siva (bengal origin ) are located here...

    Keezhakadambur - there was State Archlogy maintained Uthirapathy temple .. dilapidated.. when i saw 10 years back..

    In between - near a lake ( NOT veeranam of course ) there were several sivalinga's lying (at least 80 to 100) ..

    it was speculated this could be Kadamubur palace and associated temple ..

    anbudan / sps

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