Neelagunda - A Dravidian village in Kuntala region
  • Dear Friends,

    Lets start our new year celebrating the cultural and religious diversity of
    our great nation. Neelagunda is a village in Karnataka where were settled
    500 brahmans from Dravidian regions during the reign of the king
    Vikramaditya VI of the Chalukyas of Kalyana line. This Dravidian region of
    course would be our present Tamilnadu. Hence the village reflects the
    cultural diversity and movements during the medieval ages.

    Bhimeshvara temple is built on the bank of Tungabhadra and presents a very
    scenic view. It is built in tri-kuta style with a Nagara shikhara on the
    top. An inscription here mentions that the village was granted to 500
    Brahmans who came from Dravidian regions.

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