Did we have Women army soldiers?
  • Can any one tell me if there were any women soldiers took part in wars like Jancy Rani. I think Rani Mangamma and another lady took war with Muslims. Is there any army personal from Chola kingdom- Senji and Madura Naiks etc.?
  • To name a few more:

    Kittur Rani Chennamma who fought against the British, Rani Abbaka Chowta of
    Ullal ( Karnataka ) who fought the portuguese.... Rani Mangammal and her
    daughter in law Rani Meenakshi of the Madurai Nayak rulers....

    But not sure whether there existed a unit of women soldiers ( like the
    amazons) in ancient Indian Military... Seem to vaguely recall, Alexander
    finding women soldiers in Porus's army...
  • I guess we can go as far as the Sangam times. Cholas had female body guards for their queens.
  • You mean like black cats?
    Where they trained in self protection and will they lift knives against the enemies? Is there any inscriptions?

    In Sangam age which line represents or supports the claim?

    I will be happy to know more about this.

    We worship Godess like Mahishasuramathini, Durga etc.
  • Dear
    In this connection i want the members to remember Nandini's character, who is always carrying a big sword (Veerapandian Vaal) in PS
  • Sathyabama assisted Krishna...

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